Yoga on a smartphone: 5 apps you never knew existed

Without health, we have nothing! You can’t live happily if your body doesn’t agree with you. Feeling lethargic and weak all the time is an indicator of deteriorating health and premature aging. What’s the best way to to stay young and energetic? Well, the answer is simple, and many people may have already suggested it to you: Yoga.

Yoga doesn’t require any ‘stunt’ skills. It brings  balance between the body, soul, and mind.
Incorporating yoga into your everyday routine is incredibly important. Ever since people have started working from home, health professionals report increasing back and neck problems from slouching over the laptop and more.

If the gym doesn’t suit you, you can try out alternatives for yoga practice. We have compiled a list of  top-rated yoga apps for your ease! Incorporate these exercises into your daily routine, especially with “work from home” situations. Yoga is just a click away!

  1. Glo

Looking for the top-ranked yoga app on your iPhone or Android? Glo is what you are searching for! It is free to download with in-app purchases starting from $22.90 per month and a rating of 4.9. This app lays out more than 4k classes. Either a beginner’s yoga class or a meditation session, you can find all you need on Glo. You guys can even customize your own routine. This app has remarkable reviews!

2. Down dog

Users for this yoga app are satisfied, to say the least! You can customize your own yoga routine and set reminders like the app is your personal assistant. You can choose music, speed, your instructor, and much more! Down dog keeps you on your feet with more than 30k workouts. It also has a rating of 4.9 and in-app purchases that start from $7.99. Super affordable, right?

3. Yoga daily fitness

Yoga Daily Fitness has all the tools of a professional yoga application. With many yoga techniques and important yoga poses, this app gives step-by-step instructions to ease you through the process.  A special 30-day workout plan helps you kick-start your yoga and feel fitter and healthier in less than a month. What’s more, it is a free to download and has no subscriptions!

4. Asana rebel

Asana marks your checklist on the best Yoga applications out there. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular and user-friendly yoga apps that 30,000 + users testify. Asana rebel brings forth a mixture of yoga-inspired exercises which help you get into shape. Wait- there’s more! The application contains meditation plans, workouts, and other health-related content. In-app purchases begin at $9.99 per month.

5. Daily yoga

This app offers a preliminary two-week program for  beginners. It also offers a community platform feature where you can contact other yogis and experts. With more than 50 workout plans, Daily Yoga helps you stay fit and motivated.

What do you think of these apps? Get your health in line and add Yoga to your life. I hope these applications work well for our readers, and we look forward to hearing your experiences in the comments below!