Shopping for him vs. her, and how to get the best deal

Shopping for men is easier and quicker than it is for women. However, women love shopping more than men and enjoy it regardless of how tiring it gets. We know that options for women’s clothing, accessories and fashion trends are always greater than men’s, which makes them shop more and take a long time completing their shopping. Here, we will further talk about the many other differences in how men and women shop, in an effort to help you notice sale tricks found on sites gearing towards mens vs. women.

The Attitude

We can discuss a whole day on how opposite the attitude of men and women is towards shopping. Men shop faster than women not because of fewer trends and fashion options but because they are more focused and goal-oriented. All they usually want to do is to get the targeted item and go home as quickly as possible. They consider shopping more of a mission where they usually know what they want and get it without getting indecisive like women. Therefore sites geared toward men will tend to focus much more on the conversion than women, where as sites focus on women will focus more on the aesthetics.


For women, shopping is not just buying things, but it’s more like an experience. They would happily stroll around the store looking at the décor, checking the shoe collection even if they came to buy a pair of jeans only. Women don’t mind spending much time on shopping, unlike men. They don’t feel satisfied unless they have checked every item in the collection before making a purchase.


Women explore when shopping. They would usually do more research than men while shopping online. They are always willing to invest more time and energy researching and comparing the products.


Men and women have different concerns when they shop. Men care about the availability of parking. A crowded mall and long checkout line can be very off-putting form them. Women, on the other hand, are up for any challenge that comes during shopping. Where men would avoid a crowded store and move on to next, women would happily pass through a crowded entrance at a big pop-up sale.

Women have several thoughts running in their mind when making a purchase. Their concerns would vary depending upon what they are buying, why they are buying and who they are buying for. The dress they are buying should be perfect in every manner. It should be comfortable and make them look amazing. If they are buying a gift, they would not only focus on the product but also how they present. They would look for something with nice packaging and add a personal message to it.



How men and women interact with a salesperson differs a lot too. A successful salesperson always deal with men and women differently. Women want more interaction whereas men want quick answers. No matter how good women are with shopping, they generally want more support and collaboration form the sales staff. This is why you would often see a sales staff admiring the looks of the clothes to a women. They might not interact the same way with men.

Bottom Line

The way men and women shop varies because they think differently from each other. Where men’s shopping is quick and goal- oriented, women explore and takes time before making a purchase. On sites geared more toward women, you would be more likely to find coupons on sites like On sites geared more toward men you may find pop ups offering you incentives if you check out immediately.