If you haven't heard yet, Wi-Fi smart plugs are among the greatest gift of Internet of Things, which allows us to upgrade our homes into smart homes. The plug provides an easy way to connect any or all the devices in your home to your smartphone and control them through an app. Considering the features and options that Wi-Fi plugs offer, they are fairly affordable.

The use of Wi-Fi smart plugs is more than just switching the lights on and off. From your TV to your refrigerator, you can control and monitor all appliances with your smartphone. Wi-Fi smart plugs can also help you reduce energy costs. The plug will tell which devices are consuming more energy and can shut them off for a certain period that you set.

Wi-Fi smart plugs can also control your thermostat, helping you maintain the ideal temperature in your home. The best thing is they can work well with Alexa and Google Assistant. While I can go on about the endless uses of Wi-Fi smart plugs, here is an overview of the top three Wi-Fi smart plugs:

Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet

The Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug by Gosund allows you to control all your household electronic items with your smartphone from anywhere. All you need is a simple setup in your house and a free app on your smartphone. The app works as long as there is a 2.4G network available.

You can schedule the operation of different devices. You can turn on the AC or heater of your house before reaching to ensure the temperature is according to your preferences. You can also use the plug to pre-program your cooker to prepare a meal by the time you reach home.

If you forget to turn any device off after charging, the Gosund Wi-Fi plug will prevent overcharging. For instance, the plug will turn your nightstand off when you are sleeping, and the plug is compatible with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT.

Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug by Gosund

Moko Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The Moko Wi-Fi Smart Plug offers the same compatibility features as the one from Gosund. The plug supports one-button switch on and off, adding to your convenience. The smart setting options prevent overcharging and significantly reduce energy cost.

This product offers smart scheduling for all devices. You can schedule the smart socket to turn off the electronics as per your needs, including humidifier, coffee maker, electric kettle, and Christmas tree.

Moreover, the plug is incredibly easy to install, without the need for a hub. All you need to do is plug the device into the smart outlet and connect to the network. Download the ‘Smart Life’ app and follow the mentioned steps.

Moko Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Powerbear Smart Plug

The Wi-Fi Smart Plug by Powerbear is currently among the most popular models on Amazon. The price is slightly higher than the competitors, but the design and materials are of premium quality and the product comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

The main features are similar to the two devices mentioned above, i.e. smart scheduling of devices, compatibility with Google and Alexa, and easy setup with a free app. You can control all your devices using this smart plug without lifting a finger. The smart sensor prevents overcharging and turns off devices when not in use. Moreover, the plug works well on 2.4G network, with support for 4.1 Android, iOS 8 and higher.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug by Powerbear


With the power of artificial intelligence and IoT, WI-Fi smart plugs make smart living cheaper and accessible for everyone.


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