Most of our teachers put in a lot of effort to make us happy, but it always seems to go unrecognized. You may remember the parties that your teachers used to arrange in the classroom. While most of us were busy complaining about why the slice of pizza we got was so small, none of us seemed to recognize all the work that went into it.

Teachers are the closest things to superheroes we will ever meet in our lives. And it is surprising why it is so hard to appreciate them properly. So to help you out in becoming the teacher’s pet or just making your teacher happy, we made a list of a few things that your teacher will love receiving!

1.Personalize Pencils
Don’t you just hate it when someone steals your pencils? Well, your teachers hate that too! Not only is it a very appropriate gift for your teacher, but it will help them keep track of their supplies too! You can get them for very cheap right here. Seeing your name on things you own adds a sense of connection to them too!

2. A Good Book
The thing about gifts is, the more personal it is, the more the receiver would love to get it. And books have the opportunity to be very personal when chosen correctly. If your teacher has introduced you to an author, you can get a newly released book and give it to your teacher. Or you can get a signed edition of your teacher’s favorite book from Powell’s City of Books!

3. Multi-Colored Pens
Teachers spend a bunch of time grading your assignments; there are just too many students to work with. So your teacher would often need different pens to mark your work with. A set of 18 pens by paper mate will allow your teacher to let you guys mark each-others assignments, keeping a lot of burden away from them.

4. A Movie Night
Being a teacher is stressful, and as a teacher, you sometimes avoid treating yourself to the movies or any other recreational activity for no apparent reason. So a voucher for discounted movies, or better yet, a movie ticket to a film that your teacher would love to watch with their significant other, would be one of the best gifts you can give them.

The best thing about these gifts is that teachers will love them regardless of the grade they teach. So keep your apples to eat at lunch. They are too stigmatized to be liked by teachers anymore. How did you like the list? If you are a teacher, tell us if you approve of this in the comments below.