The 5 Best Vacation Spots in the US

If you are in the phase of planning your vacation bucket list, here are the five best vacation spots in the United States.

Wailea Beach in Maui

The Wailea Beach in Maui (an island in Hawaii, US) is an ideal vacation spot for honeymooners and well to do travelers.

Tourists love to take a relaxing morning dip in the pool and then head over to the Maui Tropical Plantation for a zipline or tram tour of the attention-grabbing sugar cane plantation fields.

You can also swim alongside the sea turtles on a traditional Hawaiian canoe trip or pay a visit to the volcanic shorelines and soaring valleys situated along the east of the Maui Island.

Ozark Mountains in Arkansas

The Ozark Mountains is the perfect destination for families who prefer a woodsy kind of vacation. From spending the night at Beaver Lake (lake-side) to visiting caves, this place has a little bit of everything.

Moreover, you can backpack or hike through a section of the Ozark Highlands National Recreation Trail (which runs for 258 miles!) and get completely lost in nature. If you are feeling more adventurous, there is water skiing, canoeing, and ziplining down the Buffalo National River.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, located in Wyoming, is a great nature gateway and a terrific vacation spot in the United States. Jackson Hole is near one national forest (Bridger-Teton National Forest), two national parks (Yellow stone National Park and Grand Teton National Park), and provides great opportunities to get close to the wildlife while you are on an outdoor adventure.

There are numerous outdoor activities you can look into if you wish to visit this place in the summertime. You can Rent a mountain bike and check out the terrain. You can also consider paragliding over the area if you want to get the most breathtaking views. There are even summer camp programs available for all age groups if you will be traveling with children.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Look no further than Indianapolis if you are looking for a place to explore with your young children. Kids can visit the Indianapolis Children's Museum and the Indianapolis Zoo. (Your kids will love these spots!) The Indianapolis Children's Museum is a huge attraction in the city. It boasts several exhibits for every kid's interests, be it fast cars, space travel, or even Egyptian History! You can also stroll around the White River State Park to get a taste of nature.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

The Willamette Valley in Oregon is home to a staggering 715 vineyards and 531 wineries, making this the ideal place for a vacation if you are a wine enthusiast (this valley is particularly famous for producing Pinot Noir!).

Apart from drinking wine, you can also take hot air balloon rides and go on biking and hiking trails in the valley.