With Prime day rattling the ground underneath, many people are considering to get the Amazon Prime membership. Prime day will be the most fruitful for members, without a doubt. Sales, offers, discounts… it’s going to be the shopping spree of 2020 for the credit card divas. While most of us seem pretty enthusiastic about Amazon prime day, some people are ready to let the opportunity slide. It strikes doubt in the heart of those contemplating whether they should get an Amazon Prime Membership in 2020. Is it really that useful? To know more, just keep on reading!

The Amazon Prime Membership

To get a better understanding, it’s best to break down the extra features and benefits on gets by buying an Amazon Prime Membership in 2020. Apparently, the Prime member gets about 30 advanced features, compared to a regular member. It’s like the elite class in a Marxist system. The only difference is that being elite isn’t that hard - all you need is a few extra bucks.

Free And Fast Shipping

Amazon offers its members instant deliveries, within 2 days at max, on over 100 million products online! Moreover, millions of products get listed with free one-day and same day shipping as well. There is another delivery option called ‘Amazon day’ where you can choose the day of the week that suits you best for delivery. All your shipments will be on your doorstep on your Amazon day. This is revolutionary for online shopping. Any product marked with a prime logo is will apply. Shipping disruption is a thing of the past with an Amazon Prime Membership in 2020.

Amazon Fresh

Grocery shopping is convenient, thanks to Amazon. Getting an Amazon Prime Membership in 2020 is a necessity, given that is doesn’t cost extra to utilize Amazon fresh anymore. Shipping is free on every order above $50. Getting your groceries from Whole Foods, organic foods and Whole Foods' 365 just needs a WiFi connection and a few decisive taps.

The Amazon Prime Day

Having an Amazon Prime Membership in 2020 will get you your money’s worth on the biggest sales event Amazon hosts for the members only. There are about a million amazing, discounted offers on Amazon Prime Day that have us all dumbfounded. This is the event we’ve all been waiting for and should be a good enough reason to go Prime.

The Price To Pay

Getting an Amazon Prime Membership in 2020 isn’t that big a deal. The astounding fact is that you can have all the benefits mentioned above at just $12 a month! That’s not all - Amazon goes the extra mile in consideration. Students aren’t financially stable, thus they are offered a whopping 50% off on the membership! That’s right - they only have to pay $6.49/month. Given that young adults are the most addicted to online shopping, this is a very nifty trick by Amazon. Also, if you happen to have an EBT or Medicaid card, you can avail of an Amazon Prime Membership in 2020 for a hugely discounted $5.99/month. That’s a steal, for sure.

Amazon even offers a free six-month trial to double-minded customers. Do you have an Amazon Prime Membership? What do you think, is it useful, or waste of money? Let’s discuss the matter down below!