Only someone who has faced inclement weather in person knows the importance that a umbrella must be reliable and built to last. The most common problem people have with umbrellas is when they flip upside down when the wind gets a bit harsh. And one of its arms chooses to break at the worst time possible.

If you have gone through a fair number of umbrellas in your life, you must know that not all umbrellas are made equal. While being dependable and reliable are the most critical factors in an umbrella, many other features make an umbrella perfect for you. For example, for quick errands down the line, you don't need a giant golf umbrella. We made a list of the best umbrellas for you to check out!

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella - Best Overall
The best thing about this umbrella is that it won't flip inside out. It collapses down to a tiny size and comes with a lifetime warranty! It has nine resin-coated fiberglass ribs that make its arms almost unbreakable on their own. Instead of breaking as metal, these ribs bend a little to cater to the force applied.

Weatherman Travel Umbrella – Best For Travel
This is a compact and lightweight umbrella that is made using fiberglass too! It can withstand winds of up to 45 miles per hour! While it might be a bit on the expensive side. Its compact packing makes it easy to transport and durable in almost all kinds of weather.

Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella – Best Heavy Duty Umbrella
While all the umbrellas are relatively structurally sound on this list, no one can quite match the structural integrity. It has incredible resistance to the wind. Even winds of 55 miles per hour are no match for how tough this one is. Also, you can get it in many cute colors!

LifeTek FX1 Travel Umbrella – Best Compact Umbrella
When you want to go on a vacation to somewhere that might be rainy or need to run a quick errand, you don't have the luxury to carry around a vast and heavy umbrella. It would be best to have something light and compact like the LifeTek FX1. It is very tight when closed, and has an easy opening system too!

We hope these umbrellas keep you safe from the elements. Tell us if you have ever tried any of the umbrellas on the list; how was your experience? Tell us in the comments below.