Six Must-Have Home Gym Equipment Items

Going to the gym is always a hassle, and procrastination is real! No one feels like getting out of their comfortable bed to go workout. But it is high time you get up and start working out. A home gym is your best bet! And it is your way out of all the excuses you have not to go to a gym. You do not have to take the time to drive there because it will be in you very own home. These home gym essentials will help you reach your daily cardio and exercise goals without all the hassle! Check them out:

Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Weights
Just a little weight can go a long way in terms of fitness. Where your muscles would exert only enough strength to pull your body or the weights, just a bit more resistance to movement can change the game completely!

Jump Ropes
Jump ropes are the saviors for people who do not like cardio. A study showed that jumping a rope for ten minutes is equal to thirty minutes of jogging. If a simple jump rope does not cut it, you can always get a weighted one to increase the impact.

Adjustable Dumbbells
No workout is ever complete without dumbbells. These nifty little weights can train almost all the muscles in the upper and middle body. A set of adjustable dumbbells are not only cheap but are great as you progress towards more weight.

Kettle Ball
Like a dumbbell, a kettle ball is one of the integral pieces of equipment you need for your workout routine. From deadlifts to swings, these handy little things beef up your workouts by a lot more than they get credit for. The ones listed above are going cheap!

Yoga Mat
This is a must-have for any home workout routine that you want to follow. From push-ups to sit-ups to lunges, these will protect you from hurting yourself by exercising directly on the ground. A good yoga mat is a centerpiece to a good workout.

If cardio is your thing, and stepping out of your home is not, you need to get a treadmill. With all the fantastic features in the treadmills today, your cardio will be handled with no problem at all!

There, now you do not have any reason to keep scrolling through your newsfeed instead of getting your daily workout in. Tell us about your favorite home gym equipment in the comments below!