Technology never ceases to amaze us. But if you have ever tried recording, you must have felt some level of distortion in the sound. And you must have thought to yourself, what is the best microphone to record vocals. The fact is, if you look for the highest end of microphones in the market, you can see prices up to $5000! Those are too expensive for a moderate studio setup. But luckily for you, you can get quality that is almost there for quite less! Check out our top picks:

1.Shure SM58
This has held the crown for the most popular mic in the world for quite a time now. If you check out the pictures of your favorite singers, you will see that 90% of the time, they are holding one of these mics in their hands. This boasts a very ergonomic capsule that is rugged in this design. Also, it is resistant to feedback. It works as great in the studio as it does on stage.

2. Rode Nt1A
If you are looking for mid-priced mics for vocals, microphones by Rode are the best of the best. This is a perfect combination of top-quality sound and value for your money. Plus, the boasting reputation of Rode is something that makes it a must-have.

3. Shure SM7B
There are too many microphones in the market. If you are looking for a mic that is specifically tailored to handle vocals in the best way possible, the SM7B is worth checking out. Since the release of its predecessor, the SM7, you could see that multiple stars have used it since. This certainly lives up to the standard.

4. Sennheiser MD421
Even though it is not precisely a vocals mic, it is considered the best all-around dynamic mic on the planet. It handles vocals surprisingly well, but you would also be blown away by how the drums, bass, percussion, and a lot of other sound effects sound through it.

You would be amazed at how well they perform and how closely these models compare to the best in the market for a fraction of the price. Are you a regular content creator? Please tell us what your daily microphone use will be and how much quality matters in the comments below!