You do not always need a very thick jacket. The weather does not go from warm to absolutely icy in a matter of days, it takes time, and you need to cope with the change gradually. Also, many schools are centrally heated; a bulky jacket can be a pain to carry around with you all day too! So what you need are lightweight, packable jackets that will be your buddies in the light-chilly weather.

1.Patagonia Women’s Vosque 3-in-1 Parka
The outside of the jacket looks like a stylish tweed jacket and can be worn with an insulated liner and alone too. This jacket is not just great for your school, but you can take it for mountain trips. It has environmentally friendly insulation and weighs near to nothing.

2. L.L.Bean Quilted Riding Jacket
Most easy-to-carry winter jackets look like activewear, making them very difficult to pull off in the city or in school. But this winter coat is the ultimate jacket that can do both flawlessly. Its classic design can go with any outfit easily without giving you that touristy vibe.

3. North Face ThermoBall Eco Hoodie
Its PrimaLoft technology traps air in small pockets, and makes it ideal for packing too. It packs down into a minimal size as the air gushes out of the pockets. It is suitable for both men and women. It is weather-resistant and made of recycled polyester and nylon.

4. Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket
With the omni-heat lining insulation, you would not have to worry about warmth in this jacket. It comes in a variety of different colors, and if you happen to catch it on sale, you can find it at a meager price! It is incredibly lightweight and has an interior security pocket to stow valuables!

5. Uniqlo Men’s Ultra-Light Down Parka
If portability and affordability are your priorities, this parka will be the best thing you buy  this fall. It folds down into a handy pouch so you can easily slip it into your bag or carry it around. It will even protect you against rain or snow showers because of the hood and water-repellent fabric.

The best part about some of these jackets is that they may even match the toasty warmth that you would get from a bulky jacket. You might just forget the extra weight of a jacket altogether! What do you do when the weather is chilly, but not chilly enough? Tell us in the comments below!