If you are a regular online shopper, you already know this, but if you are not, consider yourself lucky you stumbled upon this article. Shopping for clothes online can be a massive gamble in terms of the correct size. Across different stores, the same size can be completely different, and sending them back for replacement can be a considerable hassle too!

But online shopping sometimes has deals that are too amazing to pass on, plus the convenience that online shopping brings to you is undeniable. You do not want to give up on online shopping; no one does. So we brought a handful of tips that will help you get the right size from online stores too!

1.Measure Yourself
You need to know your exact measurements before you go and choose a size for you online. A size 4 can be a size 6 compared to another shop, so it is essential to know your measurements. Write down the numbers every time you shop online.

2. Look For Sizing Information
All good retailers online have a section devoted to information on the size of clothes they have. They can be very beneficial, especially when you cannot try on the clothes that you are going to buy. Compare them with your measurements to know what your size is.

3. Misses And Junior Sizes
Misses are traditional women’s sizing denoted by even numbers, and juniors sizing is by odd numbers. Juniors sizing has lesser space in the bust and the hip area. They are ideal for smaller frames and trendier tastes, with tight-fitting onto the body.

4. Keep Track Of Sizes
Sizes vary significantly across the board, so when you succeed in getting the correct size from one vendor, write it down in a document on your computer. So the next time you want to order something, you can quickly see what size fits you best on that size.

5. Order More Than One
Step one is to always buy from stores that have a very flexible return policy. Steer clear of stores that do not allow returns. If you have no clue what size would suit you best from a website, order two of the sizes that you are confused about, and send the one that does not fit back!

There are many more benefits to online shopping compared to traditional stores.  It can be very affordable, and often saves you a lot of time. Did these tips help you? Tell us in the comments below!