Everyone has fond memories of when summer comes, even though they are accompanied by the sun's heat. You would hear randomly one day from your mother that it was a beach day. In a few hours, you would prepare a cooler, snacks, and towels. You would stash all of that in the trunk of your car and head for a spot along the bay.

Or, on other days, you would just pull down the blinds and keep the heat out. You would make some lemonade to quench your thirst and refresh yourself with a plate of ginger snaps and watch a movie. But these are not the only ways you can enjoy the summer without worrying about the heat. There are more ways, and we have brought the ideas to you:

Ice Pops
Summer is synonymous with ice pops, and that is because they are fantastic when it comes to beating the summer heat. They are so simple to make, all you need is to have some ice pop molds, and you can just pour in the desired flavor you want. Even you kids can make them!

Ever thought of making a slushy at home? It is way easier than you think! All you need to make them are ice, slush flavor syrup, and a blender. Take some ice, put it in a blender with an adequate amount of slushy flavor, and blend until it is smooth! It is a quick and relaxed way to beat the heat.

If your child has a summer birthday, you need to try this one! This birthday cake is so cool (both figuratively and literally) that just looking at it will make you feel a bit cooler! You can see how to make it and all the ingredients here, and impress your child with the best cake ever!

Cool-As-Ice-Cream Cake

Water Balloon Fight
Sometimes it is hard to keep your children indoors, they really want to go and run around, and the temperature outside may worry you. So get a bunch of these rapid-filling balloons and send them out to have a big old water balloon fight!

Water Tag
The rules of the game are simple; the ones that get splashed the most lose! But really, when it comes to beating the heat, there is no one losing when getting splashed with a bunch of water. Get your kids these plastic water blasters and let them have the time of their lives!

Did you find an idea that you did not think of before? Tell us in the comments below. Everyone loves the brightness and cheeriness the summer season brings with it. The colorful and lively environment brings out the fun side in everyone!