Modern-day office work relies little too much on the use of computers and sitting in general. But sitting upright for extended hours every day can be troublesome for your back. However, the good news is that just reclining a little while working or during work after short periods can significantly reduce that pain.

An off-loading sitting posture is sitting roughly at a 135-140 degrees body-thigh posture. Your back should be reclined at that angle, and your feet should be touching the ground when you are working. Maintaining this posture can be made significantly easier by a chair that is built to support your back. So here are some chairs built with a lot of care and consideration for your comfort:

Workspace Executive Reclining Office Chair
Suppose you are looking for a perfect mix of comfort and professionalism without spoiling the appeal of the office space. In that case, this office chair blends it all perfectly. It has extra thick leatherette padding with an adjustable headrest that would keep you in your ideal working position for as long as you want. You can adjust it using the gas lift, so your feet are grounded ideally.

Kadell Soft Leather Chair
This soft leather chair is ideal for your home office or as a gaming chair too. It features neck, back and lumbar support and even has a footrest for when you want to take a break from work. It is designed with padding that would hold you in place as you work so your posture remains accurate.

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair
Gaming chairs get a bad rap as they are a little more colorful and non-professional than leather office chairs. But that does not mean that they are any less efficient at doing what they do. This gaming chair is designed perfectly to help your skin breathe and to keep your posture set. You need to have good posture, even if you are just gaming. Also, this comes with a back massager; you can bid your farewell to back pain with this chair once and for all.

Mervynn Mid-Century Recliner
Not always are you going to be working when you need to lay back and relax. So here is one of the fancier options on the list. This will help you lay back and relax after a day at work while you sip on coffee and watch your favorite shows. The extra padded cushions will give you the comfort that you deserve after a tiring day. Right now it is even on sale!

You will have to try out different angles to find the exact one you are comfortable with. Make a note of the approximate angle as soon as you see it is comfortable so you can quickly replicate it on other chairs. Tell us in the comments below how back pain might have hindered your daily life. We hope our suggested chairs made a difference.