So you have found the girl of your dreams and cannot decide how to approach her? Well, we do not blame you. First of all, developing feelings for someone can be really messy. Often, you fall for someone without the slightest clue if they have any feelings for you at all. And getting something to confess your feelings can be much harder than it is given credit for.

You need to know her interests and mindset before you actually make a move. She might even be into you, but girls rarely put themselves on the line like that. The safest bet is to go with the clichés: flowers or chocolates. If you are daring enough, take it a step ahead! Here are some attractive ways that you can go about winning her heart:

Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates
Anyone who has ever tried Ferrero Rocher chocolates knows that they are the real deal. Not only are they very appealingly packed but they are a delight to eat too. You would rarely find anyone that does not like them. So if you are not going to risk being too creative, go with this.

Preserved Rose Flower
Giving a rose is a widespread way to tell someone that you love them. But the rose wilts away with time, and after a week, it ceases to exist. This preserved rose in a box would be just great, especially if you get it in the gold-red color.

Zodiac Necklace
Girls love gifts that they can show off, especially jewelry. Getting her a necklace with her zodiac sign would undoubtedly impress her. It would give her the idea that you took your time and tried to be thoughtful. No everyone would know her zodiac, and this would show that you know her.

Heart-Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle
For this one, you will have to be a little creative. You can get anything printed on this puzzle, write a thoughtful note and get it printed on one side. Gift it on her birthday, or use any other excuse to give it to her. Tell her to flip it over when she completes it, and when she does, she will be blown away!

Chocolate Truffle Kit
For this to work, you should be sure that she loves to make stuff in the kitchen. This DIY kit will allow her to make melt-in-your-mouth chocolates at home whenever she wants. This box has all she needs to make different kinds of truffle chocolates. She will love the gesture!

We wish you the best of luck with your decision to tell her about your feelings. It is a courageous thing to do, and not many have the guts to do that. There is not much that can beat an honest and thoughtful confession, so make it count! If you have any ideas of great ways to win her heart, tell us in the comments below!