One of the worst things you can face as a car owner is a flat tire. A flat tire is no one’s friend, and you may have to face it even in a short, in-city commute. While some of you can contact roadside assistance and count on them to help you out, it takes a lot of time and often costs you a lot.

And if you are stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you can be vulnerable to multiple threats. It is crucial to be self-sufficient in dealing with a flat tire, especially if you do not have a spare tire. You should always be prepared for such a situation, which means having the right tools.

  1. Lug Nut Wrench
    Unlike the rest of the nuts on your car, the ones that hold your tires in place are significantly more prominent in size. Also, they are much tighter, as the wheels need to be kept firmly in place because they face a lot of pressure in your daily routine. You can get a telescoping lug nut wrench if you know the size of the nuts on your car or a 4-way wrench that basically suits all vehicles.

  2. Car Jack
    You cannot remove a tire from your car or adequately deal with a flat until you can lift your vehicle. So having a car jack in your car at all times is a necessity. While there are many types of jacks in the market, an electric jack would suit you best as it reduces the labor that would generally go into lifting the car.

  3. Puncture Kit
    A tire loses its air because of a hole in it. And if you have a regular commuter and take care of the health of your car’s tires, you most probably have tubeless tires. Fixing a flat on a tubeless tire is more straightforward than one with a tube. In a tubeless tire, all you need to do is plug the hole to make sure no more air leaks out of the tire. Having a puncture kit is necessary to successfully plug the hole in a tire.

  4. Air Pump
    For the final step before or after you tighten the tire back to the car, you need to fill it with air. Even though there are other solutions to inflating a tire, the best one is using an air compressor. Even though they take a little time, they are integral to getting your tire inflated and get goin

Have you ever been stuck in a flat tire situation where you had no way out? A person feels absolutely hopeless in such a situation. Did you like our suggestions to help you be prepared for a flat tire? Tell us in the comments below.