Iconic Swimwear Looks For Summer '20

Summers aren’t complete without swimming under the brilliant sunshine. There is the hope of COVID-19 coming to a decisive end, as business and schools reopen slowly. Even if you consider it best to avoid the waters, or any sort of crowd, buy yourself a new bathing suit for an insta show. Perhaps, you may have grown to like your quarantine life? Under any circumstance, the thin ray of light peeping through your bedroom window calls for a celebration in the most iconic swimwear fashion for the summer of 2020. Social media has already made its move, and fashion trends are on their way to make a statement. The runway has models showing off classic looks in buzzy tie-dye prints and floss bikinis to classic high-waist and halterneck pieces.

DIY Your Own Tie-dye Swimwear

Social media influencers have made it a DIY project to design their own iconic swimwear, and their fan base appreciates the move. Tie-Dye has been in fashion for the past few seasons, with Prada, Proenza Schouler, Versace and Off-White cheering it on. It deserves a try - partly because it’s a fun activity to indulge in while you wait for the government to give a green signal. You can find DIY Tie-dye kits easily through the link below. Order yourself a project for much-needed catharsis!

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

For those who rely more on designers to make their iconic looks work flawlessly, brands are calling out your name. Here are the trendiest tie-dye swimsuit options for your internal online shopping diva.

VERSACE - Bandeau top


ACK - Lace-up swimsuit


Summertime Favourites: Floss Bikinis

People who kept their physical activity going during the long quarantine… you’ve won, fair and square. Kudos on your summertime bodies because you can nail floss bikini looks and enjoy your time sunbathing with confidence. Floss bikinis are trendy this summer! Huge models like Em Rata are the reason why designers choose to produce beautiful floss swimwear. Check out these top brands for impactful, iconic floss bikini swimwear.


REINA OLGA - Snake bikini top

MATTEAU - Bikini top

Halt For The Halterneck Swimsuit

Moving on, we have a bold new competitor in swimwear. Halternecks present the fashion of the new generation, earning their well-deserved place in the market. Some may find the strap behind your neck to be irritable, but brands take care to make swimwear supportive as new seasons come. This summer, halternecks have evolved to give amazing, pleasant new looks that are instagram-worthy, for sure. Here is some halterneck swimwear we consider to be the queens in online web stores.

H&M - Keyhole swimsuit

MARA HOFFMAN - Cut-out swimsuit

OSÉREE - Sequinned swimsuit

Sunbathing feels pleasant and looking beautiful while you relax makes the experience all the more refreshing. What are some swimsuit designs you would order online? Are there any particular swimwear brands that offer you comfort and style in a cheap price range? Share your experiences and preferences buying iconic swimwear through online shopping with us. We would love to know more so that we can make more quality content for our readers. Talk to us in the comments section below!