Life as a Kitchen Expert: Some Effective Hacks Everyone Should Know

A kitchen is the corner stone of every house. A stable home depends on a  kitchen to provide for everyone's dietary needs. But just having a kitchen is not enough; you need to know a bunch more details, like recipes, products and utensils.

It is safe to say that not everyone is as adept at kitchen management. But there are ways to make your life easier. You can have more manageable and efficient ways to cook that are different than the  traditional methods your mom uses. We call these 'hacks,' and you can hack your way into becoming a kitchen expert. Below are just a few to give you an idea and get you going.

Removing Eggshell Fragments
When you crack open an egg, often you get stuck with pesky little pieces of the eggshell in the bowl. These pieces can be tough to remove because of the viscosity of the egg white. But if you use a larger part of the eggshell, you would be surprised at how easily you can scoop them up.

Even Muffin Batter
When you make muffins, you are often stuck with uneven batter in the cups. Also, muffin batter is very sticky, and getting it off of the spoon you are using can be a lot of trouble. The hack is: use an ice cream scooper to portion out and fill the batter evenly. The scoop often has a trigger release that makes it much easier for you to get the batter out of it.

Quickly Soften Butter
You do not always remember to take the butter out of the fridge a while before you apply it to your toast. And this can be a lot of trouble as hard butter often breaks off chunks from the bread and is a pain to spread. You can cut it into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces of butter will take much lesser time to soften, so you can apply it easily or you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Pouring In A Ziploc Bag
Ziploc bags are standard accessories in the kitchen; you use them to store multiple items. But pouring stuff in them alone can be a hassle. They seem to love closing up as soon as you start pouring. To solve this, all you need to do is to cuff them from the top, just a bit. This would allow you to pour in whatever you want with ease.

Everyone appreciates a good hack when it comes to life. If you use your brain just right, it is almost impressive how effective the results can be. Do you have any hacks that you use in your kitchen? If so, tell us in the comments below!