6 Reasons Why Stevia is the Best, Safest Artificial Sweetener of All

Stevia is a  sweet-tasting plant that has been in use since the 16th century. It has originated from Paraguay and Brazil but is now grown in Japan and China as well. It is a fantastic non-nutritive sweetener and herbal supplement as well. Non-nutritive means that it has little to no calories and is a splendid replacement for sugar. There are many excellent benefits of Stevia, and that is why it is becoming tremendously popular. Here are a few reasons why Stevia is a great artificial sweetener:

Friendly with Diabetes
Stevia, being a non-nutritive sweetener, does not contribute calories or carbohydrates to the diet. This has resulted in no blood glucose and insulin response, even for diabetic patients. With Stevia in foods, diabetic patients can enjoy a much larger variety of food as well!

Helps in Weight Control
There can be multiple reasons for someone to be overweight or obese. Some of them are lack of activity and intake of energy-dense foods, such as sugar. The intake of added sugars is known to give 16 percent of the total calories an American takes on average. As Stevia has no sugar and negligible calories, it can make a much more well-balanced diet.

Reduces Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
Out of the many merits of Stevia, one is that it has a remarkable amount of antioxidants. One of the many antioxidant compounds in Stevia is kaempferol. Based on studies, it is shown that kaempferol reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer up to 23 percent!

Regulates Blood Pressure
There are certain glycosides in Stevia that can dilate blood vessels. A study on Stevia showed that this could potentially lower the blood pressure of a stevia user. In addition, the study revealed that stevia plants have cardiotonic properties, meaning they can normalize blood pressure and heartbeat.

Better Diets for Your Children
Obesity in children is a common problem in the modern-day. With countless unhealthy foods that provide excessive calories, Stevia is a lifesaver. Now multiple different companies use naturally sourced Stevia in drinks and snack bars. This will allow your children to enjoy foods and not worry about obesity.

In a study about the potential allergic reactions of Stevia, it was found that steviol glycosides are not reactive and do not metabolize into reactive compounds either. Therefore, even the purest forms of Stevia are improbable to cause allergic reactions.

There are so many good brands that you can choose from for your needs of Stevia, such as Truvia, Natural Mate Stevia, and Pure Organic Stevia Blend. Do you think you will be using Stevia in your foods? Tell us in the comments below.