Nowadays, every other brand loves to throw in the words ‘natural' and 'organic’. This is because there is an utter lack of regulation, and there is a broad spectrum of substances that can pass through these filters. The users do not even know the chemicals they may be applying to their skin.

Many make-up brands are known to test their products on animals. Knowing the extent of the cruelty may even leave you traumatized. But needless to say, good and evil always coexist, and you will undoubtedly find brands that are amazing at what they do and do it ethically. Here are some fantastic organic and ethical cosmetic brands for people who need minimalism and quality in their lives.

100% Pure
This brand was made to make the purest organic and all-natural cosmetics line. They have vegan ingredients with top of the line anti-oxidants. They use essential oils and vitamins to maximize the nourishment of your skin. Try their Cocoa Berry Lip Balm for starters; it is only $10.8.

ILIA is a natural cosmetic brand making products from scratch to make sure that your products are as clean as possible. They blend natural and effective ingredients with vitamins and oil for fantastic skincare. Their Limitless Mascara is out of this world!

Juice Beauty
The origin of this brand was aimed at making a healthy and revolutionary change in the make-up industry. They have organic and natural ingredients that are clinically validated. They use vibrant plant pigmented colors and sustainable energy for the production of their cosmetics.

Vapour Beauty is determined only to use minimally processed ingredients in its products. They have received a 'Champion' safety rating by the Environmental Working Group for Safe Cosmetics. Vapours natural cosmetics have never been used on animals. For a free-spirited glow on your lips, cheeks or eyes, check out their Aura Multi Stick.

W3LL PEOPLE is the brand for people who love to rock the no-makeup look. They proudly claim their cruelty-free methods of production and naturally derived ingredients. Their products soothe the skin while giving the glow you need. They have countless vegan products that are very much loved by their customers. They have extremely low priced and versatile products, such as their Bio Brightener Invisible Powder.

Do you think it is okay for make-up brands to test their products on animals? We believe it is not. We really need to support companies and brands that use ethical ways and struggle with their competition. Tell us about your favorite brands in the comments below.