The fashion industry has recently taken a turn towards generating trends that feel comfortable to wear. Fashion has become more of a lifestyle than something you wear temporarily for an occasion. Designers and brands often look at social media trends, youth culture, street style and nostalgia to form the latest trends and ideas in fashion. Inspiration about new clothes comes from cool things to the millennials and the Gen Z. Here are a few upcoming fashion trends that are all the more eye-catching as they are unique:

Puff Sleeves
If you want to be noticed, this current fashion trend is a little more fun than the ones we have seen before. If you are going to go out and live life, these puff-sleeved tops will be your perfect partner. But they are not limited to that; they would look great on an occasional dinner, over a zoom meeting or even a run to the grocery store. You can start by looking at this Hemant and Nandita Aroha Top and see how you feel about it.

Candy Colored Sweatpants
Sweatpants have always been traditionally dull-coloured and worn indoors due to their excessive comfort. But why should this commitment to comfort end when exiting the home? The demand for bold and vibrantly coloured sweatpants has seen a considerable rise. These brightly coloured sweatpants are undoubtedly more fun to wear than a pair of typically coloured sweatpants. Nordstrom has the perfect variety of these great sweatpants. Just check THE MIGHTY COMPANY out!

These shirt and jacket hybrids are made of brushed plaid. These are amongst the top fashion trends that can be worn anywhere and anytime. These shackets are heavier than your day-to-day flannel shirt but are way lighter than a full coat. On top of that, they look amazing with almost all your everyday clothes. A perfect example would be this wool-blend shirt by Zara.

Sweet Cropped Cardigans
This trend is vintage-inspired and was introduced by top-tier brands such as Alessandra Rich and LoveShackFancy. The movement quickly trickled down to mid-tier brands such as Zaras because of its adaptability over the wardrobe. It can look great with casual sweatpants, jeans or even a midi skirt. This cardigan by Forever21 is the perfect one if you want to look stunning!

You certainly would turn heads in these unique and eye-catching trends, but not in the wrong way. Even the parents who do not quite get the fashion statement would agree that they do not look half bad. Tell us about any crazy fashion trends you are into in the comments below!