If you love your car and intend to keep it healthy, or if you want to stay out of car trouble, it is imperative to maintain your car. Proper maintenance of your car ensures the safety of fellow drivers and passengers of the vehicle. You need to check off a few things to ensure your car is in top health.

1.Maintain Tires
Tires are the primary contact of the car with the road. If the tires on a car are too worn out or lack necessary air pressure, they can burst, causing a dangerous accident.

2. Change Car Engine Oil
Car oil is an essential lubricant present in the engine. It is responsible for the cooling and lubrication of parts that move at very high speeds. If a car engine has too old or no oil, it can be a problem.

3. Check Car Fluids
Fluids such as the radiator coolant and wiper fluid need to be changed regularly.

4. Test Car Lights
Car lights can be crucial in the dark or in the morning when you are breaking. Lights are built to inform people of your presence on the road or a maneuver you want to make. A faulty light can be the reason for a disastrous accident.

5. Replace Windshield Wipers Regularly
A lesser-known fact is that windshield wiper rubbers get inefficient with time. An inefficient rubber doesn't clean the screen properly. Change them as soon as it seems not work well to avoid trouble.

6. Inspect The Cars Air Filter
Most of us do not want to mess with a closed box in our engine bay. But it is essential to change the air filter in the airbox connected to the throttle body of your car. Choked filters affect engine health a lot.

7. Have Routine Check-Ups
Sometimes we can not really know about a problem in our car, especially if it does not make itself apparent. A routine check can save your vehicle from total loss, as even a fuel leak in the engine can go undetected.

8. Wash Your Car Regularly
The buildup of dust and debris on your car can jam motors and parts that should be mobile. A dirty vehicle is more prone to rust as well.

8. Check Car Seatbelts
The seatbelts are an essential safety feature of every car. If a seatbelt does not function properly, you will be unsafe in the case of an accident.

9. Check the Hoses of the Car
Hoses are the pipes that connect the parts of your car to one another. Check all the hoses, such as fuel pipes, radiator pipes and air pipes, for leakage to avoid hazards.

We hope all these tips were helpful to you and made your road trips much safer. Tell us about any excellent information you have to keep your car in top shape!