Have you ever looked at seasonal shoppers and thought, why do they shop only in the season when they can get the same thing all year round? Well, they do not do it without reason. When you buy in season products you get numerous benefits out of them.

Firstly, when you buy seasonal products, you get them at a lower price. This is because they don’t have to be imported from outside the country. Secondly, you will be supporting local farmers that will, in turn, help your country. Finally, all the fruits you get will be very fresh and almost devoid of any preservatives. If you don’t know how good fresh fruits taste, trust us, you’re missing out on a lot more than just nutrients! Here are some summer fruits that you should absolutely get this season.

You should not be surprised to see this at the top of the list; the fruit literally has the word ‘water’ in it. Watermelons are known to be low in calories and have around 92% water in them. They are a rich source of lycopene, which has fantastic cancer-fighting qualities. Watermelons also aid in weight loss and help in digestion due to their high fiber content.

Strawberries are also near the top of their list based on high water content. They have 91% water and are a powerhouse in terms of antioxidants. Strawberries are great for your eyes, nails, and skin. One of the best drinks you can have after a workout strawberry infused water.

These fruits are healthier than they are delicious, and anyone who eats them knows how great they taste. Peaches can be eaten with or without their skin, but they are more nutritious with it. If you take the time to research the skin of a peach, you will learn that it has many essential vitamins. Peaches help fight heart diseases, improve digestion and skin health.

Caught you by surprise, didn’t we? Yes! Cucumber is a fruit and a very amazing one too. It has the highest water content amongst any other fruit, which is 96%. It is the perfect refresher for the summers and can be used in many smoothies and salads. The benefits of cucumber include better metabolism, a healthier brain, and better digestive health as well. They are one of the best detox drinks and are also known to reduce dark circles.

Each fruit has its own qualities, and if we started writing about each and every summer fruit, we would be here a long time! Tell us about your favorite summer fruit in the comments below!