In the East, tea is regarded as an essential component to good health, and the West is catching on quickly. Teas are known to help you with cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes. Many people drink tea because of its weight loss inducing qualities
and lower levels of cholesterol.

Some researchers go as far as to say that there are no apparent downsides to tea. Nutritionists believe that any tea is good tea, especially the brewed teas devoid of sweeteners and flavors. But telling you what people think is not enough for you to decide whether you need it.  Here are a few types of teas and their unique qualities. Check them out!

1- Green Tea
This is one of the most widely known and researched types of tea. It is made from steamed tea leaves and has a high concentration of EGCG. It has many antioxidants that can inhibit the growth of cancers in many areas of the body. It is also known to be very beneficial for the burning of fat and to avoid clogged arteries. Green tea is known to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

2- Black Tea
This is made from fermented tea leaves and is known to have the highest amount of caffeine. It is used to make flavored teas such as chai and some other instant teas. Black tea is known to help control damage to the lungs caused by cigarette smoke. It is also known to reduce the risk of strokes.

3- White Tea
This is a kind of tea that is uncured and unfermented. One of the salient qualities of white tea is having the most potent anti-cancer properties than processed teas.

4- Oolong Tea
In a study on animals, the ones given an extract from oolong tea had better cholesterol levels than those without oolong extract. A type of oolong tea, Wuyi, claims to have great potential as a weight loss supplement. However, science does not back this claim.

5- Pu-erh Tea
This tea is made from fermented and aged leaves. It is also considered a type of black tea. An animal study showed that Pu-erh tea had an effect of lower weight gain and reduced levels of LDL cholesterol compared to animals that did not receive the extract.

You can see that tea has some amazing qualities that almost every individual needs in their lives for many reasons. Did this article convince you to start using some tea? Tell us in the comments below!