Ideas You Can Learn From Buddhist Monks about Inner Peace

In today’s fast-paced world, it is common to lose sight of oneself in the struggle to succeed. Problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression are at an all-time high. If that wasn’t enough, the pandemic started wreaking havoc. All of this adds up to burden a person more than they can bear. So what to do? How does someone save themselves from this endless cycle?

Buddhist monks have spent decades of their lives looking for inner peace. Many of them claim to have found it as well. So here are some critical aspects to inner peace that you can learn from Buddhist teachings.

Change is The Only Constant
Many of us find ourselves in constant turmoil. We do not realize that it generates from our attachment to external factors that are beyond our control. We don’t realize that our youth and our successes are all temporary. We use products such as anti-aging creams to try and avoid change artificially. But the key to inner peace is to accept that change is inevitable and accepting it as it comes.

Desire The Right Things
Deep desires for things, especially worldly ones that are  tangible in value, are destined to poison the mind and render a person restless and sick. But this does not mean that desire in itself is wrong. Even monks desire, such as the desire of enlightenment and knowledge.  Therefore desiring the right things is essential, not abandoning desire altogether.

Misery Generates Beauty
Suffering is an inseparable part of life. Even though Buddhist teachings are aimed to end suffering, one cannot disregard the significance of suffering in one’s life. Suffering leads to a greater understanding of self. It allows a person to be more compassionate and kind. At times, it fuels the creativity in a person as well. So while suffering can be difficult, beauty comes out of it in the end.

Happiness Can Be Achieved Through a Trained Mind
Meditation is an integral part of Buddhism. But the goal of meditation is abstract. It is to achieve freedom from one’s mind, which has grown out of control. When a person trains their mind not to be bothered by the past or the future, one can attain happiness. Get this yoga mat, and start preparing your mind to be free.

It’s always a good idea to keep reading books on people who have achieved peace through similar teachings. An excellent book to read on helping free one from the burden of thoughts is - Teachings Of A Buddhist Monk. If any of these ideas seemed to help you gain better control over inner peace, let us know below in the comments!