Preparation is important if you are looking forward to any event. And yes, shopping is an event that you must prepare adequately for. Looking forward to the Amazon Prime day this year? Here are some prime day shopping tips you should look out for.

Register as a member

Of course, you cannot participate in the upcoming Prime day sales if you are not a member. Millions of people around the world have the prime membership, and they enjoy free shipping for two days. Asides the free shipping, there are loads of other benefits you will enjoy.

The interesting part is, there are millions of deals available, so it is best to take advantage of this day. Signing up for the prime membership gives you a free trial for one whole month. Our best bet is to note when the official date is announced, so that you can time your free trial. We will definitely inform you when the date for the Amazon Prime day 2020 is fixed.

Install the Amazon app

You can have your shopping experience on your PC or mobile phone. But, we advise shoppers to download the Amazon app on their phones because of the convenience. Here’s what you will do when you install the Amazon App.

Before the Prime day kick-starts fully, navigate to the “Deals” segment of the application. You will see all the impending mouthwatering deals. You can make things easier by tapping “Watch this deal” to get alerts when it goes lives.

The Amazon app is your best bet to receive alerts when your selected deals go live. The app categorizes all the deals leaving you with the responsibility of responding fast when you receive notifications.

What’s more, the Amazon application gives you tips on how to properly utilize the Prime Day.

Get used to Lightning Deals

For those who are not aware, there are two classes of deals on Prime Day. The first class of deals are those that last throughout the day. The other class of deals are available for a short period of time. On a normal day, anyone shopping on Amazon can access lightning deals. But on Prime Day, it is exclusive to Prime members.

Lightning deals happen very fast, and you can keep track with the Amazon app installed on your phone. The fun part is, you can get a deal that has been claimed by another shopper if they are not fast enough to buy them.

Create a shopping list and prioritize items

You are clever going into Prime Day with a good idea of some items you want to buy. Returning buyers know that Amazon devices will be discounted significantly. So, if you want to make an Echo purchase, you should hold on to the next Prime Day.

Your Prime Day shopping list should not compulsorily include amazon products or best sellers. What is important, is for you to create a list to make your shopping efficient.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to capitalize on the Amazon Prime Day by getting yourself ready. Like we mentioned earlier, those without the prime membership can time their registration when the prime day is announced. It would be the perfect chance to use your free trial. Happy Shopping!