Interior Design Trends for 2020: Time to remodel the Nest in Modern Elegant Fashion

The splendor of design lies in its ability to transform, adapt, and include influences that enhance style and function. The top designers see the latest trends in 2020. It is interesting to see new patterns and trends that address our needs as the society and environment are progressing. Here are some of the top 10 Interior Design Trends year 2020 has come to offer.

Earth tones Are The Trend Of The Year

Let us start with color. Although classic blue is the pantone color of the year, there is another trend emerging. Earthtones are a hot new trend. Olive green, burnt orange, and yellow ochre are some of the shades that not only bring warmness but also a great connection for the outdoors. Furniture and accessories replicate the wood, metal, and other decorations which bring a calming effect to the environment.

Inspiration From The 60s: Curvy Shapes

The new design trend for 2020 is curvy shapes. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, curvy shapes is back again but with a new twist. Lines and curves weave to highpoint the beauty of form. We see furnished pieces like sofas and benches with designed asymmetry and undulation. Curved sofas are the new trend when searching for living room ideas. Designs with waves and circles give softness to the person viewing the new furnished look.

Multifunctional Places

After the households have experienced working at home as a fresh trend, multifunctional places have become the new norm. There is a doubling up of space in the kitchen and dining room areas. Kitchens having islands can work as workplace centers also. It makes it possible for people to eat, cook, work, and play at the same time. There is an addition of playroom with other areas of the home, notably the bedroom of children. You can convert other areas like the living room or a space under the stairs into a child’s play area if you want to keep an eye on children while cooking or working.

Also, if you want to work out at the gym and no time is available, you can use any unused area in the gym or basement. There are good-quality equipment and workout kits available online to be used in any personal space of the home.

Obsession with Mixed Metals

The year 2020 shows an obsession with metals. Both furnishings and furniture have tin, silver, gold, and copper mixings. There are some rules you need to follow if you want to avoid metal abundance in your embellishments. When mixing warm and cool colored metals, choose one dominant color and one accent one. Neutral metals like black and cast iron can combine with both warm and cool colors.

Beautiful Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a new design trend for 2020 that includes both natural environments like materials, vegetation, and light into modern built environments. Research has also shown that incorporating natural environments into your home spacing can reduce depression and stress levels. Biophilic design improves the well-being and productivity of an individual. Isn’t it incredible?

As our society promotes sustainability and wellness, biophilic design has become an important feature of our everyday lives.