How to Keep the Productivity Levels High Throughout Your Day

Many of us experience low levels of energy and tiredness at work. Isn’t it frustrating when you are having low levels of energy to work at home or office?

You might be experiencing stress at work or simply living with a chronic condition that lowers your performance levels. So what are some on-sale energy boosters to keep productivity levels high? You can choose some lifestyle habits to help you deal better with low energy levels or chronic conditions. Follow these tips to feel more alive and productive during the day.

Take Care of Your Diet

Our food is the main source of energy.  We must try to eat wholesome and nutritious food. We measure the energy derived from food in calories. You are what you eat. Unhealthy food like processed carbohydrates, synthetic oils, and refined sugars cause inflammation in the body and also damage the gut lining. These types of foods provide energy boost but are not healthy in the long term.

These foods are a source of empty calories and they include processed foods. So, avoid skipping meals and eat regularly and healthy.

Do Some Exercise

You may start feeling sluggish in the middle of the day. The brain starts shutting down! Put work aside when this happens. Do some basic stretches and a walk around the corner of the office. Experts from Harvard Medical School say exercise might be the last thing we want to do when feeling depleted of energy. But, it refreshes our mind and body in some vital ways.

Exercise boosts energy levels and also releases stress hormones. Research suggests only half an hour of moderate activity can bring long term benefits.

Set Aside Some Time for Yoga and Meditation

Regular practice of yoga and meditation can also boost your energy levels. Yoga promotes mindful breathing which induces a state of calm.

One study done last year confirms that people who do yoga and meditation regularly experience resilience in the case of stress and anxiety.

Another study suggests doing yoga and meditation for only 25 minutes can improve mood as well as energy levels and executive function. Yoga can reduce stress in people working in high-intensity fields and also reduce depression.

Learn to Distribute Tasks

We are subdued by responsibilities in our daily life, from ordinary tasks like doing dishes to the less dull ones, like doing a vital project. It is important to delegate tasks to reliable sources so that our workload is lessened and overall wellbeing is improved.

Have Good Sleep Routine

Many of us underestimate the effect of disrupted sleep or lack of sleep on our health and wellness. Disrupted sleep can promote neurodegeneration, mental health problems, and worry.

Adults need to sleep 7-9 hours of sleep per day to feel refreshed. Try to establish a healthy sleep routine by going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same fixed time. Also, avoid the use of electronic devices an hour before sleep.