Amazon! The world's largest online shopping site. It is 100% profitable for both the seller and company, without a doubt. If the retailer knows his business, he will plan it out elaborately and have patience with his progress. No one becomes successful overnight! Amazon has millions of products which mean competition is quite a lot, but retailers love the platform because the customers are 20 times the rivals. During a year like 2020, the era of technology, everything has shortcuts and everything is done through a computer. Here are a few tips that will help your Amazon listings become viral.

Important Keywords

You must keep in mind that while putting a product up for sale, name it correctly. That way, it lands directly on the page people search for! Remember, you’ve got to keep your wording simple for everyone to understand. Also, give the customers what they want by being very specific and naming the brand and every little detail along with it. This ensures that a vast range of people are attracted to the heading as it answers their search queries precisely. Naming your listing uniquely would give it flair and attract others. Keywords are supreme! You can easily find good quality keywords on free sites like Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner.

Sales strategy

Everyone has an eye out for different deals, cheap products, and discount vouchers. Well, in that case, the best thing to do is make large percentages off small items, keeping a discount limit. A discount limit ensures that no one buys the entire stock in bulk. The limit would enable more people to visit your product even if they left afterward due to the change of mind. Your strategy should include an arrangement that ensures your publicity. For example, you may give the buyer a discount if he or she visits a product page and leaves a review for others to see. This would increase popularity as people would come right to you for those discounts.

Maintaining a fan base

It’s preferred that the retailer has social media coverage so that his or her products reach followers around the globe. A good social standing might get a few buyers who leave positive reviews,  further enhancing the seller's list. Remember to send out some PR packages to bloggers and celebrities with a huge fan following. People adore their social media superstars! These stars might share and promote your amazon product link. This might seem unnecessary but in a time where we are ordering everything online, trust us, it’s your best move.


Price plays a huge role in online sales nowadays. People keep their eyes open for cheap or discounted products. Giving discounts while keeping some profit isn’t a bad strategy. A huge number of people buy from Amazon listings that will save them an extra buck. So, it’s good if more people are buying on the lowest possible profit, as that profit will stack up and increase for you. Here are some discounted deals from Amazon you can take inspiration from:

No one says it is easy to get on the front page of amazon, but if you try these tips then hopefully, you’ll make it in no time. Are you planning to become a seller on Amazon? Or are you looking for the best deals on the market? We’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below!