Top Online Shopping Trends that Deserve Your Attention

Almost 20 years back, nobody thought that e-commerce would become a go-to for most businesses, and consumers could become a 2 trillion dollars industry. E-commerce meets the changing needs of today.

In the past, online shopping had many loopholes. Most online stores messed up the orders, and the returning process was lousy. However, with time they have overcome that.

Online Sales Growth

Experts predict that the online sales industry will make around 3.2 trillion dollars by the year 2021. In current times, about 70% of Americans are shifting to online shopping. These consumers think that you get better deals and products when you buy them online.

Online stores are still a rising industry. For that reason, there are many regions where online shopping is not as popular. However, people in those areas are also moving towards it.

Environmentally Influenced buyers

You might notice that many buyers are moving towards using green products. Affect on the environment is a key factor that influences many buying decisions these days. The buyers now, ask for secondary packaging and preferably paper packaging.

The general buyer, who may be a millennial, boomer, or a gen zer, is more inclined towards green consumerism. They are more concerned about the environment as never before. It is the time when people use more vegan products where their skin cares or foods.

Mobile Shopping

When you look at the statistic, mobile shopping has increased by 15% since 2016. The experts say that by 2021 this number will increase to a whopping 73%. This change has come because of the improved customer and delivery services and stores internal processes.

The primary reason for e-commerce normalizing is mobile use, even though experts advise people not to use mobile for online buying. For a reason, online stores get access to your mobile history.

Raise of Voice Commerce

According to statistics, around 13% of the smart speaker owners in America use voice control, placing an order online. It is a massive change in the SEO industry. The researchers say that this number will increase by up to 55% in a few years.

When you talk about e-commerce, it is mostly dependant on SEO. Since there is a big shift in buying behavior, the SEO professionals should also start being more specific in terms of keywords.

This also means that the stores need to work more on the description of the product than only putting up a picture. Because when a person is placing an order via speakers, they are usually only using their ears to listen and not see the product.

Final Words

Online shopping is a growing sector. It is currently the most changing industry of all. The marketers are trying innovative ways to market and run their stores.

Online stores are becoming more prominent with time. An online store will offer you a huge number of items to choose from, which a physical store can never provide. With online stores, you can keep up with international trends with ease.