The pros and cons of buying an HBO Max subscription

People are crazy about entertainment and can’t get enough of their beloved movie stars. Many streaming services and platforms have been launched to quench this showbiz thirst. The popular ones are Netflix, Apple tv, and HBO Max.

Nowadays, HBO Max is the new hype! It’s one of the world’s top-rated subscription streaming services that provide HBO content to subscribers on demand. HBO Max is a bit different than HBO Now, HBO Go, and the rest of the HBO fam. You can say HBO Max is a newer, modern, and cooler version of HBO Now!

You can get HBO Max through your cable provider along with your subscription to HBO’s TV channel or you may directly sign up for HBO Max for $14.99 a month — but should you? Well, here are some facts about HBO Max that you should go through before you decide.

HBO Max Subscription


● HBO Max allows you to enjoy the best original content available in streaming like Game of Thrones (not even Netflix shows this big season!), Friends, Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty, and Sesame Street (this is HBO Max exclusive!).
● It provides its users with the best experience and also offers a large tv and a vast movie library.
● HBO Max offers you highly anticipated big hit movies for a reasonable monthly price. You will not need a cinema when films are released because you will be able to watch from the comfort of your home. Some anticipated gems include Dune, Godzilla Vs. Kong, The Matrix 4, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and Mortal Kombatt.
● The users can enjoy unlimited content for a fixed price of $14.99.
● Offline viewing and downloading your favorite movie or tv show is the best thing ever! It saves you whenever there is no available Wi-Fi, or you don’t have enough data.
● What’s more, you ask? Well, HBO Max offers a great quality display and there are no commercials. It’s totally ad-free!
● Moreover, HBO MAX offers three streams to watch content online, which is more than the streams offered by Netflix.
● There are separate users and kids profiles so you won’t have to worry about anyone messing up your suggestions and viewing history.
● HBO Max is also perfect for kids. Kids can go wild on Tom and Jerry or Looney tunes- on repeat for as much time as they want!


● Some users seem unsatisfied by the high price and unavailability of 4k HDR, which they think should be a must if they have to pay $14.99.
● HBO Max does not work on consoles and is not accessible on some of the smart TVs like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and PlayStation 5.
● It offers no free trial- which is a bummer.
● The biggest glitch, you could say, is that HBO Max is reachable only in America. People with diverse IP addresses aren’t welcome.

What do you think of HBO Max? Hearing its pros one can't help but be tempted. I hope you find the information helpful and you enjoy Max's subscription. Let us know your experience with HBO in the comments!