6 Common Mistakes People Make While Shopping Online

Online shopping is easy and convenient. But it has its pros and cons, and the problems can be bigger than what you face with conventional shopping. To make your online shopping experience smooth, here are a few mistakes you should not make.

Using a public Wi-Fi

Do not use public Wi-Fi to shop online. The public WiFi connections are not secured, and your payment methods and account details can be accessed. The hackers even create a bogus network that can have a similar name to a public WiFi in a restaurant or a coffee shop you use. Wait until you reach home or use your cellular data when checking your bank account or placing an order online.

Using the same password for multiple sites

Using the same password for every site is like giving a hacker a key that opens your car, house, and bank vault.  Create a different password for all of your online accounts. This may sound a bit of a hassle but if one of your accounts gets hacked or stolen, others remain safe, and you can control the damage.

If remembering more than one password is hard for you, there are ways you manage passwords online. Most web browsers or anti-virus software have options for password creation and storage.


Paying with multiple credit cards or a debit card

Ditch the debit cards for online purchases. Credit cards are safer and provide better protection against unauthorized transactions than a debit card. Where making an online payment with a credit card is better; using multiple credit cards is worse. If a hacker gets access to all of your credit card details, you will have no payment option left, and the damage will be worse.

Shopping without Discount Coupons

While the other options are about your safety, this one is purely about shopping. You can’t make the mistake of shopping without looking for the available discount coupons and offers. The best thing is that there are hundreds of websites offering you discount coupons to purchase just about anything. From small makeup items to big and expensive appliances, you can get a discount on anything you want with discount coupons.

The companies that disseminate coupons understand their customers quite well. Hence, you will see discount coupons of all types. For instance, you can flat discounts on your purchases, discounts on shipping, free items with select orders, etc.

Buying more for free shipping

If you want free shipping, then wait till you need something else to bypass a free shipping limit. Spending extra on something you don’t need just for the sake of free shipping would cost you more and is certainly not a smart idea. You can look for other options like ordering from another site which has less free shipping limit.

Forgetting to Check return policy

Always check the return policy before making a purchase. You don’t want to get stuck with a wrong order or clothing item that doesn’t fit you.

Bottom line

These are some common mistakes people make when shopping online. Make sure you are extra cautious when giving out your bank details. Last but not least, make sure to save some money by using the right discount coupons.