Tesla Model X: The Automobile to Buy in 2020

Saying that the 2020 Tesla Model X is an excellent automobile would be a massive understatement! This seven-seater SUV that carries a price tag of around $140, 000 ticks all the checkboxes and then some! Keep reading for a detailed review of this grand vehicle, which covers the following areas: Battery Life, Driver Assistance and Safety features, and Interior Layout.

Battery Life

The 2020 Tesla Model X comes with a standard battery big enough to cover a driving range of 325 miles.  (This driving range drops to around 305 miles when you upgrade to the Performance model which is a faster vehicle). You can easily and quickly recharge your SUV with one of Tesla's Superchargers (located everywhere in the country).  An alternate option is to charge at your own home with a 120V or 240 V connection. Although charging will be slower this way, it is considerably more convenient for the owners. Hence, Tesla provides charging equipment (in-home) available for purchase.

Driver-Assistance and Safety Features

Autopilot is the 2020 Tesla Model X’s standout feature, which strikes the fancy of most are on the lookout for cool tech features in an SUV. The semi-autonomous driving mode that Tesla uses has several sensors, cameras, and radars to detect people, objects, and other automobiles and uses them under its power to maneuver the Tesla Model X.

The Model X also boasts Tesla's smart Summon feature. This enables the driver to retrieve or park the SUV from narrow spots while standing outside the vehicle. How fancy is that!

The primary safety features of the 2020 Tesla Model X include:

Ø  Standard warning for lane-departure warning

Ø  Standard emergency braking (automated)

Ø  Semi-autonomous driving mode enabled adaptive cruise control

Interior Layout

A high-definition touch screen (17 inches) dominates the Tesla Model X’s dashboard. This touch screen controls almost all the SUV’s functions that include suspension, climate control, sat-navigation, and the stereo. What you get is a very stylish and appealing design with only two physical buttons on the dashboard.

This impressive touch screen comes with an additional digital display that replaces the instruments positioned in front of the driver. The display also has very sharp graphics and is incredibly easy to read.

Furthermore, courtesy to the great range of adjustment for both the driver’s seat and the steering wheel, getting comfortable inside the Tesla Model X is very easy as well. Thanks to the adjustable lumbar support, the seat is very supportive. To further boost your comfort level, you can place Tesla Model X custom floor mats on the SUV’s floor.

Final Verdict

The 2020 Tesla Model X is the SUV for you if you desire to buy an automobile that offers astonishing performance and has considerably low running costs. All things considered, there is no denying that this vehicle provides terrific bang your buck!