Sales Tax-Free Weekends - For Good Business Or The People?

Sales tax is imposed on everything! It is a percentage of anything you buy, even if it is as big as a monster truck or as small as a candy. This is a good way for a country to add to its treasury for future improvements to take place. From the clothes you wear to the food you eat, down to the pets you play with. Even big companies like Alibaba and eBay cut sales tax on their everyday items. A Bloomberg study suggests that it is harder to implement sales taxes online, as other countries have different prices. Millions of products are being sold today on the internet, and not every product listing can go viral. Without the sales tax, a third world country’s government won't make about half of its income. This will ultimately result in the country being left powerless in the hands of another superpower. That’s not the case in the US, though, because the sound economy allows for tax-free weekends once in a while.

People won't miss out on a chance like this, and neither should you! We’ve always been good citizens who abide by the Nation’s law and pay all the due taxes, even in moments of struggle. Consider a sales tax-free weekend to be your treat for the week. Some people even stick up on supplies for the rest of the year! However, most people take to local shopping when a tax-free weekend comes up. Are there any online deals for the glorious weekend? Just read below to find out!

Deals Of The Year

The tax-free weekend is a treat in itself, but online stores make the weekend a jackpot for their customers. Tax-free sales are the best way to gain public appreciation. It’s like Christmas all over! You can stock up on your supplies for the whole household. Here are some super discounted sales we came across!

Target Clearance Sales

Macy’s Clearance/Closeout sales

Sales Tax-Free Weekend Marketing Campaigns

The sales tax-free weekend is an opportunity for businesses to gain even more customers and a much better reputation. Many online web stores make use of the event and launch incredible marketing campaigns. It’s best to be aware of whether your state is hosting a sales tax-free weekend or not.

Once a government lowers down their sales tax, they gain popularity and have made a whole nation proud. However, the tax-free weekend has to be a one-time thing. A sales tax is essential to ensure the government generates enough income for the welfare of the public. So, maybe finishing sales tax entirely is a backfiring dream.

What are your opinions on the tax-free weekend? Have you come across some great deals that you would like to share? Please comment down below; your feedback is highly appreciated!