The PowerBeats Pro by Apple is one of the first Bluetooth wireless earbuds designed to be used specifically for heavy running and gym use. Apple has come a long way with earphones. Or buds. Whatever you'd like to call them. Just look at Apple's original wired earbuds with it's standard design and cables, and then compare to these smart design, easy-fit-shape with no cables.

One of my favorite features of Powertbeats pro includes the signature smart ear hook that tucks behind the top of the ear.


Apple’s H1 chip provides longevity and excellent connectivity, even in challenging conditions. Powerbeats Pro has the instant pairing with all iPhone models. Open the Powerbeats case first time near an iPhone, and a pairing prompt instantly pops on the screen. Once the earbuds are hooked to any of Apple’s device, they can easily connect to other devices that you have signed into through your iCloud account. You do not have to re-pair the earbuds to all the Apple devices you own again and again.

These are not only made to be paired with the iPhone and other Apple gadgets. With the Beats app in your android, the connectivity is very smooth. Open the case near your phone,  press the hold button and the pairing prompt pops up. Powerbeats pro can manually connect with your phone’s Bluetooth as well.

Powerbeats pro connects to only one device at a time. But switching between the devices is very easy and fast.


The earbuds have Apple’s inherent feature the Siri Support. Say, "Hey Siri" while wearing the earbuds and the Apple’s voice assistant wakes for your support. Pressing the multifunction button 'b,' Siri in iPhone and Google Assistant in the android fires up.

Unlike other wireless earbuds, Powerbeats pro has volume control buttons on both the earbuds. The with single, double and triple presses of the main button works for playback control.

There is also an option for pausing the earbuds as soon as you remove one of them and then start again when you put the earbud back.

Sound and Isolation

The silicone earbuds are good for blocking out some noise. However, if you are in a crowded public transport or any noisy area, you will have to increase the volume to block the noise.


  • Sweat-resistant
  • Good call quality
  • Easy switching from one device to another
  • The control options are great and super convenient
  • Rock-solid connectivity
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The case is too big, not portable for everyone
  • It takes some time and practice to get the earbuds fit right
  • Does not block noise and wind as well as it should
  • Expensive

Final Word

Powerbeats pro is truly wireless earbuds for those who want little isolation and super fit while running and working out. The call quality, battery life, connectivity, and controls are promising features.  But it lacks isolation form noisy surrounding. The case is enormous, bulky, and pocketable. The high cost is another downside of these wireless earbuds.

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