Popular Brands Preparing For 4th of July Marketing Campaigns

A company can’t keep itself relevant without having a good marketing campaign for almost every season. This is because of the competition out there, amongst huge brands. You can’t expect your business rivals to slow down for you to rise. A company has to create opportunities for itself by convincing the public they have unique, desirable products. The 4th of July has everyone excited like every year before because the most popular brands will call out to customers.

4th of July marketing campaigns are always focused on attracting people through incredible sales, low-cost bundles, and countless other offers. Here the best 4th of July marketing campaigns we’ve come across in popular brands.

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks

It’s all about independence with Macy’s 4th of July marketing campaign! Apparently, a patriotic gesture appealed more to their marketing team rather than the generic buy one get one free deal. Macy’s has decided to heartily sponsor the firework show in New York City. The show, (and Macy’s, of course) is gaining more followers by the day through their website and social media handles. That’s not all, though. Macy’s is making a hashtag #AmericanSelfie go viral, encouraging people to post their selfies when the fireworks blow and will be donating $1 to veterans per selfie. Looks like they’ve taken their 4th of July marketing campaign to the whole new level!

The Lowe’s Twitter Post Streak

Lowe’s has made use of Twitter exclusively for product marketing on tasteful products regarding the 4th of July. They have a streak going on from 23rd June to the expected 4th of July. Every day, a new featured product goes on sale with huge discounts as part of their 4th of July marketing campaign. This brings in loads of online customers for them and gives their Twitter handle much more publicity for future announcements. It’s a very strategic, profitable move if you ask us!

Hobby Lobby 4th Of July DIY

It’s the 4th of July and most of us spend our time at home, why not make ourselves some patriotic decorations? Hobby Lobby is invested in starting an arts and crafts movement by promoting its colorful art equipment. Moreover, they have tutorials available even on their Youtube channel, spreading DIY ideas for you to try out. The extra effort shows us that Hobby Lobby believes independence is a sentiment that deserves to be celebrated.

Which 4th of July marketing campaign warmed your heart? Is there any brand you follow regularly because of their incredible 4th of July marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments!