Need A Break? 5 Signs of Fatigue You Should Look Out For

Fatigue is much underrated when it comes to hazardous situations. However, fatigue is not just feeling tired; fatigue can literally be the reason for injuries in the workplace or at home. Research shows that if you spend 17 hours awake, your composure is equivalent to someone with 0.05 blood alcohol content, and if you are awake more than 24 hours, it can go up to 0.10! No company would allow its employees to work under the effects of alcohol. Still, lack of sleep can go ignored or even purposefully neglected. Here are a few signs that you might be fatigued and need a break:

Tiredness, Weariness, and Sleepiness
These are some of the primary signs of someone who has not had proper rest. You can easily spot someone yawning a lot and closing their eyelids. You need to take these signs seriously before it is too late!

Irritable Behavior
Sometimes you find someone in a bad mood out of the blue, and you just shrug it off, thinking they might be having a bad day. While there are many reasons why someone may be irritable, one of them lacks rest. Look out for sudden ‘bad attitudes’ in the workplace. They might just need some rest.

Lack of Mental Presence
It is a standard indicator of fatigue, not focusing or memorizing even the simplest of things. Restlessness may even give you trouble recalling things that you just said or did. Take notes if someone exhibits this.

Lack of Motivation
While you may often see people with little or no motivation at work, there might be some people who actually put time and effort into doing a good job. If suddenly someone stops caring for their job or shows signs that they would rather not be there, check to see if they are well-rested.

Frequent Illnesses
If you see a fellow worker taking a lot of time off in the name of illnesses, chances are they are facing fatigue. When your body is deprived of rest, your immune system can weaken, and you can be much more prone to diseases. Increased fatigue can be a big reason for someone’s increased absenteeism at work.

Taking a break from your work when you absolutely need it will never harm anyone. In fact, it might save someone from harm. Have you ever experienced intense fatigue and still continued to work? Share your experiences in the comments below!