School life is no longer your bland morning when you have to go to school and deal with the same monotonous routine every single day. Nowadays, everything matters, from your appearance to your personality. How unique you are, and what you choose to look like.

Every single detail counts, from your outfit to your bag. In fact, the bag you carry plays a significant role. The backpack you take to school will very likely be with you every single day, so it has to be classy. And if you are looking for something unique and classy, take a look at these:

1.The Harvard
The academically inspired name is no ruse. The bag looks as intellectual and intelligent as the name suggests! It is top quality, 100% full-grain leather, and has cotton lining with brass fittings. It comes in three colors; brown, tan and black. This is the perfect bag for you to take to school and be taken seriously!

2. WOWBOX Messenger Bag
The retro-fabulous good looks of the bag will have you fall in love with it. It has two large front pockets under a genuine leather flap. The bag's look is undeniably classy because of the leather on its flap, strap, closures, and handles. It comes in two sizes, the 14-inch, and 15.6 inches, and you will love both of them equally!

3. CoolBELL Convertible Briefcase
Not all bags can serve two purposes, and this backpack is killing its rivals with this feature! When you are done with your academic endeavors, it takes a few seconds to convert this bag into a backpack that you can use for travel! You can keep at least three days' worth of stuff in this bag because of its extra-large capacity.

4. NEWHEY Vintage Canvas Bag
This bag is made of horse leather and detailed with disordered wrinkles and scratches. You will stand out in your class because of the retro and wild style of the bag, and the special skin effect will have you recommending it to everyone! It is designed with plenty of room, there are 9 very functional pockets, and it can easily fit a 15.6-inch laptop!

A few years ago, bags were as simple as backpacks that served just one purpose, carrying books. The load of books has reduced over time, and your bag does not have to be that robust and large as it used to be. Do you like this upcoming trend? Tell us in the comments below!