Cats are an enigma when it comes to pets. You never know what their mood is or what triggered them to jump all of a sudden. But that is one of the many reasons why they are so lovable too. Unlike dogs, you will see your cat lazing around the house for a significant part of the day till something triggers it, and it starts running around for no apparent reason.

Cats do not need exercise or walks, making them great low-maintenance pets. You just have to feed them on time and hang out with them. And unlike other pets, cats are great with kids too. So it is only fair to get your feline friends something for how great they are for international cat day on 8th August! Here are a few options that your cat will cherish:

1.Cat Bed With Soft Cushion And Cat Shelves
This would be a fantastic play area for your cat, and you will find your cat on this for most of the day. Plus, it serves as an alternate napping space for them too. Cats love high spots in the home to sleep. Also, the high-quality pine-wood build will add an artsy appeal to your home while serving as an excellent gift for your feline friend.

2. Pet Pal Igloo Style Pet Tent for Cats
Cats are instinctively active animals, which is why they prefer sleeping in closed spaces. This is also the reason why they will sit in any cardboard box that they find empty. This pet tent would serve as a perfect napping spot for your cat as it is soft and warm inside. Looking at your cat curling up inside it and sleeping is a very adorable sight!

3. Cat Self-Groomer
Grooming your cat can be a lot of trouble, as most of them try to pick a fight with the brush you are using to groom them. And you may note that your cats love to rub against walls, especially when calling out to you for food. This cat self-groomer will allow your cat to groom itself as it rubs against the wall. It can take care of any stray hair by combing itself!

4. Catit Senses 2.0 Play Circuit
With this little gadget, your cat will be occupied for hours as it stimulates its senses. This product is designed to encourage your cat to be active. With the multiple accessories and add-ons that come with it, there are endless possibilities!

Tell us in the comments below if any of our suggested items intrigued you. Cat parents cannot resist getting something for their cat if they see something attractive. Cats are fantastic, and the fact that people are so attracted to them is no wonder at all!