Is Online Grocery Shopping Really Practical?

Everyone has had their trips both as a child and an adult going to get groceries for the month. The rolling trolley carts, the stacks of snacks that appeal not only to the young ones but also the adults who know they are on a budget. The children endlessly rant to worried parents about snacks that might disrupt the budget completely.

Budgeting- A Flawed Logic

The only time someone enjoys grocery shopping is when they’re not on a budget- sadly, that fantasy has never been lived. In recent times, due to the explosion of the internet, an interesting new phenomenon has surfaced: online grocery shopping. This would eradicate the traditional way of going to the grocery store yourself, throwing all you need in the trolley and finding out at the counter whether you fit your budget or not. Can this really be a revolution to the way we did our grocery? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Shopping Online

It is very convenient for a person to shop from the comfort of their own home. Not having to handle all the bags and load is an absolute luxury when a person thinks about it. When retailers pressure you into buying the brand they are advocating for, buyers are pushed to make purchases that they don’t want to. We’re talking about those awkward conversations with clingy salespeople at grocery shop aisles! You can forget about dealing with them while shopping online.

Save Your Precious Time

Online shopping saves a load of time as don’t need to scan each shelf for the items individually, the trip to the grocery shop is cut, and so on. The idea of online grocery shopping gives you the luxury of shopping at any time or day of the year- with the advancement in digital technology, you even get to track where your order is. Moreover, as the idea of online grocery shops is very novel, many such e-commerce websites offer amazing deals and discounts to their customers and people can save a lot of money according to The Junction.

Shopping Online Isn’t A Bed Of Roses

Online grocery shopping can look very promising at a first glance but as per Money Matters, it has its inherent downsides. There can be a delay in delivery- if you need the grocery urgently then it’s best to scoot down to the shop and get it yourself. You can miss out on the end of the season clearance sales that are run by malls. They can get you amazing discounts sometimes. Some people value the shopping experience a lot and the lack of that experience can be discouraging to many buyers. Online shopping comes with a risk of fraud, too- this risk can potentially drive many people away.

Is It Really Practical?

Online shopping can be very promising if you make sure that you are buying only from quality e-commerce websites. So yes, it can surely be practical and is very easily the way of the future. The world is becoming fast-paced day by day and time is becoming a very valuable currency in itself. Here are some trustable grocery shops online stated on The Telegraph for you to check out!




Do you prefer buying groceries online, or consider the grocery buying experience best only when done with a physical presence? What are your thoughts on the delivery services grocers offer? Have you ever tried to buy edibles online? Let us know more by utilizing the comment section down below!