How to cook Michelin-star level cuisine at home

Have you been craving some delicious Michelin Star cuisine? Are you wondering what makes Michelin-star attain that level of perfection? If that is the case, then you’ve found the right article. We’ll help you cook some delicious Michelin star meals that will leave your friends and family asking for more.

Olive Oil

This is one product you need in your kitchen before you master the art of Michelin- star recipes. Olive oil is ideal for dressing, cooking, and marinating. Get the best Olive oil deals at target for as low as $5.99 and save up to 15%!

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables make a meal healthy. While canned vegetables are a good option, there’s no substitute for  organic fresh veggies. And the Michelin star cuisine is all about serving authentic flavor. Wondering where you’ll get those from? Check this out.

Here are a 2 recipes you can begin with. These recipes are just the first step! With practice, you will soon become an expert at premium-level cooking.

Cacio Cheese and Pepper Spaghetti, Flavored with Rosebuds by Fabio Ciervo

Ingredients (serves 4)

  1. 11oz of spaghetti
  2. 1 cup of light chicken broth
  3. ½ cup grated cacao cheese
  4. Pinch of edible rosebuds
  5. Large pinch of black pepper of Madagascar
  6. 2 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil

Heat the chicken broth, add the rosebuds along to fuse the broth. Fry the peppers in some olive oil and then add all the stained broth and crushed mortar. Add the pasta, let it cook on a low flame. Add the cheese and cream at the end.

Stuffed Provençal Vegetables by Chef Christophe Cussac

Ingredients (serves six)

  1. Stuffing
  2. 2/3 cup of salted ham hock
  3. 2 carrots
  4. 2 white large onions
  5. 2 red bell peppers
  6. 2 Swiss chard
  7. 2 garlic cloves
  8. 2 courgettis
  9. 1 bunch basil leaves
  10. 1/3oz Rice
  11. 1 egg
  12. 1 cup parmesan cheese
  13. Olive oil
  14. ½ cup veal stock
  15. 6 round courgettis
  16. 6 onions
  17. 6 tomatoes

Begin with chopping the carrots, bell pepper, onions, garlic, courgettis, and basil. Use Olive oil to fry the garlic and onion, add all the veggies, stir fry them and then add the stock, eggs, and parmesan. Stuff the vegetables and cook for 20 minutes.

You should never compromise on the quality of ingredients. Always make sure your produce is fresh and your using good quality brands. Get creative in the kitchen; use soy sauce, mayonnaise, hot sauce and more. All aside, before you begin, just believe in yourself! Let us know what you thought of these recipes in the comments below.