How to Avoid Paying the Pink Tax

It’s a difficult world for women, considering the challenges she has to deal with every day- from battling for equality to tenuously long sessions of self-grooming to make sure that they are well taken care of.  A woman has an exponentially diverse set of self-care products compared to men and cares about what she looks like to the outside world. This gives room to the huge, money-hungry corporations to capitalize on them.

The Pink Monster

Thus, we are introduced to the term ‘Pink tax’. This is not something officially sanctioned by the government but rather a more subliminal way of exploiting women by having them pay more for the same or even lesser quality grooming products than men. This can be seen all across the line of cosmetics and hygiene products that frankly, men rarely buy. Women make use of multiple products several times a day and therefore have to buy them at the same rate.

How serious is it?

The Pink tax is one of the most major issues that challenge the equality of women in the modern-day. The pink tax starts applying to women from a very early age and is not only based on grooming products. This “tax” applies to items that span a woman’s entire life, from girl’s toys and school uniforms to canes, braces, and adult diapers. Some of the worst culprits are:

Target, who charged $13 (87%) more for the pink Raskullz helmet.

Levis, charging $20 (29%) more for the women’s jeans.

Walgreens, charged $3.50 (23%) more for the Women cartridges.

Walgreens, again, charging 70 cents (35%) less for the Men’s 3 in 1 shampoo.

According to the, the pink tax has cost a 30-year-old woman more than $40,000. A woman in her 60s will have paid nearly $82,000 in fees that men don’t have to pay. Currently, no federal law prohibits companies from charging different prices for identical items based on gender. Furthermore, this goes into deeper roots where women are paid lesser for similar jobs. It’s a sad fact that even in 2020 women are at a serious economic disadvantage compared to men.

Easy Ways To Avoid The Pink Tax

It is utterly shameful that women have to deal with this on a daily basis for things as basic as self-grooming. The best way to tackle this issue is to find ways to avoid it. This can be done by buying things in the male section of malls, checking out prices for similar items such as razors, shampoos and face washes, t-shirts and other items. Chances are that you will get better quality products at a cheaper price.

Save Yourself An Extra Buck

Shop for items with seasonal packaging, there are discounts as big as 50% as the holiday season approaches so it’s better to stack yourself up! Use store loyalty programs to your advantage as you will end up saving a huge amount from them. Pay with a cashback debit card. Banks offer a variety of services and this is by far the best to tackle pink tax as you will be saving on your shopping spree. Add all of these techniques up to annihilate the pink tax effect completely!

What are your effective ways to avoid pink tax? Do you think that this issue requires more discussion? Fill us in in the comment box below!