How Can Your Credit Cards Save You Money on Shopping?

Most pieces of advice regarding shopping with credit card is regarding the risk and dangers of using it. Yes, the chances of hackers getting your credit cards info through unauthorized purchases and transactions are there,  but when you use your credit card cautiously, sensibly and smartly, you can save money rather than losing it. Here are the best tips to maximize your credit card rewards when shopping.

Take Benefit from Bonus Sign-up Offers

When the holiday season arrives, it is the perfect time to benefit from bonus sign-up offers. Most of the people will be spending little more than usual and easily reach their minimum spend limits.

Here is the working of a bonus offer: when you make a purchase, the online merchandise will notify your card issuer who will then see if your transaction falls under the category of gaining credits or not. Every card issuer has different criteria regarding the bonus categories. The online and in-app purchases both classify as online transactions so the bonus category can be quite flexible. When your purchases get qualified, you get the bonus points or cash back.

Use the Right Card on the Right Purchase

Before shopping, take a look at all the credit cards you own. See the terms and conditions of each one. Figure out which card will give you maximum points, cashback or miles. Some of your cards might offer more discounts on a certain product. You don’t want to regret not using the other card that offers a better discount after you have made the purchase.

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Apply for a New Reward Card

If your credit card does not have good points or rewards, you can get a new one that has them. Several credit cards offer 0% introductory APRs, which you do not want to miss. With this option, you are able to shop and earn rewards, and pay over a few months without accumulating any interest.

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Buy Gift Cards Smartly

Who doesn’t love getting gift cards. Gift cards can add a little extra love and care in your relationships. When purchasing gift cards, make sure to get some of the cash back. For example, you can get a $100 card from Amazon for $95 by using a Discover card, which is offering 5% cashback up to purchases of $1200 on Amazon. So, do not let these offers go from your hand when buying gift cards.

Don’t Miss the Offer After You Have made the Purchase

You order something online, and 2 days later, it is on sale. How frustrating right? Well, don’t let this opportunity go. With some credit cards you may get the discounted price for your item with price protection benefits. The benefit of price protection varies in different credit card companies. For example with Citi, you have to place the details of the item on the online Price Rewind Tool.


Credit cards are safer options for making online purchases than other cards. However, you have to be cautious when entering your card details. Make sure you shop from trusted online sites that have no chance of being bogus. Follow the tips mentioned above to save money when shopping with your credit card.