Great Video Game Console Deals that your Children Will Love

With the summer season coming up, coupled with a devastating pandemic that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, children are getting more bored by the day. Letting them out to play with other kids is a risk which many parents do not want to take. Keeping children in the home has never been more challenging. Here are a few deals that will not only ease your burden of keeping them inside but will make your kids be happy to be inside as well.

PS4 Pro – The Overall Best

PS4 Pro is a beast when it comes to gaming. With 8 jaguar cores of the AMD processor clocked at 2.1 GHz and 8 GBs of ram, you are not going to run out of gaming performance anytime soon. Over the standard PS4, if your kids see the VR performance of the PS4 Pro, it will convince them that this is the console they want for life. If you get your kids this, they will be thrilled to be playing inside.

Nintendo Switch – Best for Portable Gaming

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that is a lot in a tiny package. It can double as a console that can attach to your television when you run out of battery while playing in handheld mode. There is a dock that attaches the device to your television instantly. The device comes with Joy-Con controllers connected to make a single controller when the device is connected to the television. You can find multiple listings across eBay for new and used machines. Some of them are pretty cheap!

Xbox Series X – For Gaming Addicts

This console of the Xbox is the most advanced one. You can play games from all the previous generations in even better graphics on the Xbox series X. There are some excellent listings on Sears, and you can get one cheaper than the PS4 Pro. Your children will love the variety of games and would be surely glued to the console for hours!

PS4 Slim – A Great Starter

If your children have never had a gaming console before, and it’s the first time you’re going for one, the PS4 slim is the best option for you. It can play all the titles from the previous PlayStations and is pretty cheap compared to the PS4 Pro. If you are planning to get one then hurry up! Because Walmart is almost running out of them.

The Play Station, X Box and Nintendo switch are a great way to keep children occupied and happy. Go buy your game console today!