Get a 2-minute flawless makeup look with these 5 beauty hack products

When it comes to a basic makeup look, we all know how to conceal, where to apply blush, or how to do our lashes. If you’re longing for some trendy and voguish makeup hacks we have some remarkable ones!

Maintaining your makeup look even after the pandemic, while going back to work, is harder than ever. We’ve learned some worth-sharing beauty hacks during this quarantine and you will love them.

The importance of makeup

Makeup is simply a way to appreciate and compliment your beauty. Here’s why makeup is important for your everyday life:

Self Confidence: It is a fact that when you look good, your self-confidence is boosted. You care less about the flaws of your skin and feel more comfortable.

Sunlight protection: Did you know that wearing a foundation can save your skin from harmful UV radiation? Well, the more you know!

Satisfaction:Doing your makeup is an art and playing with different shades is satisfying.

How to get a 2- minute makeup look?

Without further ado, let’s revise the most important makeup products that include, of course, a foundation, a concealer, a lip tint, a liner, and a mascara. By using these 5 important makeup products you can get a quick natural makeup look you desire. We’ve brought you some quick makeup tips.


Here’s how to apply a foundation, swiftly:

  1. Moisten your beauty blender will help you to get full coverage.
  2. Use a stippling brush to tap and set your foundation
  3. Don’t apply too much foundation.

Full Coverage foundation


Concealer is the key product to hide your blemishes and dark circles.

  1. Buy a concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin.
  2. Apply concealer in a triangular shape instead of dots to get a perfect look.
  3. Use a concealer brush to dab at red blemishes

Ideal color corrector


Mascara helps you get thicken and lengthen your natural eyelashes. Here’s how to apply it:

● Always curl your lashes before applying mascara.

● Start applying mascara from roots and then upwards to get a clump-free finish.

● A layer of face powder or setting powder can give your lashes a good volume.

Sensational mascara

Lip tint

Did you know that you can use your lip tint as a blush on and eyeshade too? Doing so will help you get a 2 minute make up look.

● Exfoliating before applying lip tint on lips helps you get better results.

● First, try by applying a small quantity and so that you do not overbuild it.

Lip and cheek staineye

A liner

If you are in a rush and do not have much time, we’ve shortlisted some quick ways to apply liner:

● If you like it smudged, choose a pencil eyeliner to apply and smudge instantly.

● If you want a precise look, use a liquid eyeliner to get a smooth touch.

● Shake your liquid liner before using it, to get an equal color.

● To apply it quickly start from the middle of your eye.

Epic eyeliner

By using these products you can get a complete makeup look within 2 minutes. What do you think of these beauty hacks and amazing products? Let us know in the comments!