When did removing stains get so complicated? It was tedious a few years ago in terms of physical labor. Still, with the smart washing machines coming out today, it is a whole new story! If you know how to use these fancy machines, you are certainly in luck. They can make your life so much easier. But some machines are impossible to crack!

You can never know how good a washing machine is before you try it. Sometimes you need to put some extra load on your appliances. You might have to wash bulky bedding or quilts, and most machines can be very disappointing on a higher load. To save you from the tedious process of researching, we made a list of the best machine you can get in 2021! Check them out!

  1. Electrolux Stackable Front Load Washer
    Not only is the Electrolux the most energy-efficient model that most people will use in their lifetime, but it has an impressive catalog of features too! It can adjust the water levels in the tub based on your laundry, and you can change the settings specifically for the stain you are washing.

2. GE High-Intensity Smart Washer and Microban
Most people have a problem with front-loading washing machines. That is that they get smelly over time. But with the GE Smart Washer, you do not have to worry about that even! It has an antimicrobial material in its gasket that prevents this problem. It has 12 different wash cycles and the ability to wash a small or large load!

3. LG High-Intensity Smart Washer
This is a closet-depth washing machine that can easily fit into most corners and closets in your home. Despite its small size, it can easily wash the comforter of a king-sized bed! The smart features allow you to control and monitor the laundry remotely. And the turbo wash cycle promises to clean even the biggest loads of laundry in just 30 minutes!

4. Samsung Black Stainless Steel Smart Washer
This is one of the bigger machines on the list. But it indeed uses its large size very wisely. It is two separate washing machines in one! You get a five cubic feet front loader with a one cubic feet top loader, and both of them can be controlled separately. It has 12 wash cycles, and it can steam your clothes too! While it is a bit costly, it makes up for every extra penny in convenience.

Washing machines are expensive investments, and you cannot just buy one at a whim to see how it works. Machines have different washing cycles and features that set them apart from others. Let us know if you like a machine from our list in the comments below, and tell us what features are important to you!