If you do not yet own a ECHO Dot, you're seriously missing out on quality of life.

When I activated my first ECHO Dot I was very skeptical. Will I lose all my privacy? Is it really that cool? I've managed thus far without it, I'll be fine - right?

But I took the plunge and I bought one. Actually two.

The first day I set them up my kids found themselves a new best friend. That alone was a grand slam, but that's just a fringe benefit.

Here are some of the use cases I use the ECHO Dot for, which has completely changed my life:

  • Turn the lights on and off via voice command
  • Get the weather via voice command
  • Play music via voice command
  • Answer recipe questions
  • Set alarms and countdowns - especially when cooking!
  • Reminders! Reminders! Reminders! I never have to worry about forgetting anything anymore!
  • When I go away, I set that the lights to automatically go on and off to make it appear as if someone is home
  • When I go out, I set the AC temperature on my way back to come home to a cool house.

The list goes on an on. I have friend who have it lock and unlock their doors. To read the news. To use it as an intercom to talk to other rooms in the house.

I highly recommend trying one out.

CLICK TO BUY: The ECHO DOT (3rd generation)

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