Calm down Your Hound! Check Out these Deals on Dog-training Toys Today

Have you ever felt like your dog is making too much noise or creating a mess all around the home? You must have wished to have a magic wand that would make your dog behave instantly. Well, we cannot help you with magic, but making your dog calmer and easier is something we can try! It turns out you are not the only one who wishes to have a calm dog! This demand is so common that dog toy manufacturers took the time to create toys designed to keep your dog busy and train them to behave!

Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy

This is a puzzle that is not only going to be fun for your dog, but for you as well when you watch your dog try to solve it. There are several compartments in this toy that you can fill up with food. Your dog will use its natural hunting abilities to seek out the treats! There are open flip compartments and slide open compartments in the puzzle. When your dog gets used to it, you can buy a more complicated one! This reduces anxious dog behavior, and destructive behavior is controlled as well.

KONG Jumbler Dog Toy

KONG Jumbler is an exciting toy for your dog. There is a tumbling tennis ball in the interior, and the exterior has handles that your dog can use to pick up the toy or shake it. The toy squeaks and interacts with your dog in a different way than a tennis ball does. You can train your dog to be better at fetch using this toy. Your dog will become more active and healthier as a result of the fun-inducing play sessions.

Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Toy

This interactive toy has a ball bottom and a bell shape on top. It is designed to stand up tall, and you can store food in it. Your dog will have to tilt it at a specific angle to access the food inside. Your dog will be able to see, smell and hear the food inside the toy but accessing it will be slow and curiosity intriguing for your dog. The slow dispensing of food will allow your dog to avoid indigestion and keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated.

Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Toy

This toy is based on the hunting instincts of your dog. The tree trunk can be filled with three squirrels that will become your dog’s favorite toys. You can toss the trunk filled with the squirrels for your dog to catch and try to take out the squirrels, or you can use the squirrels as a toy to play fetch with your dog. The squeaks are sure to get your dog riled up!

Dog toys are a fun way to control the rash behaviors of your dog. We hope this article was insightful and helpful. Share with us other toys that are helpful for your dog in the comments below.