Every day is Valentine’s day when you have your soul mate by your side. It is important to make her feel special, to tell her what she means to you, and how she brightens up your life. What better occasion than Valentine's to express your love for that "someone" special?

While there are many ways to make your beloved happy, exchanging gifts is one of the best expressions of love. Whether she is already a part of your life or you are waiting for her, "Yes," gifts are your best friends to bring out the heart eyes. Surprise your love with these romantic gifts this Valentine’s.

1. Connect to her Heart with a Keychain

Chocolates and teddies are overrated; why not give something unique to your girl that she can hold for a long time? The heart is the symbol of love, and if your girl likes accessories with small details, then this engraved heart keychain is the best gift for her.

Both sides of the keychain have cute love confession engraved on them –the message reads, "I Love You…to the Moon and Back.” She can carry this pocket-sized symbol of love everywhere.

2.  Dance to the Rhythm of Music

Music makes the heart of lovers beat and fall in love all over again. Show your love for your girl with a crystal music box emulating blue sapphire. This heart-shaped crystal box with two crystal roses on top will mesmerize your beloved.

At the left corner, the crystal has the word “love” engraved on it; the box plays “Can’t help falling in love,” up to 3 minutes. It is not just a simple music box but a beautiful piece of solid crystal that comes with a blue gift box; the box also comes with silver inscriptions.

3.  Enchant Your Beauty with a Rose

"Beauty and the Beast" is one of the most beautiful stories that show the power of love. Every element in the movie was magical, including the rose in a glass dome. Rose symbolizes passion, affection, romance, and forever love.

While the fresh roses wither easily, your “beauty” can preserve this enchanted rose for a long time. The glass features hand-picked rose, preserved with special techniques. It is the perfect gift to kindle the fire of love and create a romantic ambiance for your Valentine's date.

Bonus Tip: Flutter her heart with a Ruby and Sapphire Pendant

Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman's outfit.  Jewelry pieces never fail to attract a girl’s attention. If your woman loves rubies, sapphires, and delicate pendant necklaces, then this hand-crafted sapphire pendant featuring two heart-shaped ruby stones is for her.

The double open heart pendant is made of white sapphire accents in sterling silver; the rhodium plating adds to the beauty and durability of this beautiful jewelry piece. You can pair the necklace with ruby earrings and rings. After all, jewelry is the “perfect spice” that complements everything.

These are just a few of the many gift ideas to make your girl happy this Valentine’s. However, remember the best thing that you can give your woman is love, respect, affection, and your time.