Bargaining Tips That Will Save You Money while Shopping

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to haggle, you are not alone. A recent survey found that 48 percent of shoppers feel hesitant and embarrassed when bargaining for a better deal when buying everyday goods. You might think it does not matter much but what you don’t know is that 89 percent of shoppers who haggle are able to save $200 on average. That is to say, people who know how to bargain are rewarded with extra savings while those who do not haggle leave money on the counter.

Most of the shoppers don’t mind bargaining when shopping for big items like houses or cars.  But when it comes to asking better deals for less-expensive items, they don’t consider it important.  However, there is no reason we should avoid asking for a better deal.

That means from buying furniture and electronics to staying in a hotel, knowing the right bargaining tips will help you save a lot of money. Don’t worry if you are an amateur at haggling, here we have listed some smart bargaining tips to boost your confidence and increase your savings while shopping.

Smart Bargaining Tips

Do Some Homework

There is no way you can deny the importance of understanding the numbers when it is about bargaining. You cannot negotiate a successful bargaining deal unless you know the right price of the item you want to buy.

That is what makes doing some research on competitors and prices essentially important before you go on shopping.  Besides this, check the policies of the store you’re going to shop and see if their business prices match with the wholesale rates.

Don’t Hesitate to Walk Away

Always keep in mind that uncertainty of buying from one place is your most important bargaining chip. To put it simply, if the seller is convinced you will be buying from him, you are at his mercy.

He will ensure to make the most of your lack of options.  If you are not being offered the price you wanted, don’t hesitate to tell the shop keeper you are going to buy from the next competitor if he has better deals.

Time Your Purchases Right

Timing matters a lot when you are negotiating the prices.  Understanding the business of the seller is important to negotiate the right deal. For example, there is a specific time in the year when clothing businesses sell seasonal merchandises at low prices. Buying from them during off-season will definitely help you save some extra bucks.

Plus, when the business has low sales, sellers are even willing to sell the items at the same price as they bought them for.

Be firm and persistent

It is another important bargaining tip to save money. Although being nice is a good quality, that doesn’t mean you should rollover.  You need to be a steady customer.  Do not feel shy about telling the price you can afford.

Key Takeaway

In a nutshell, haggling is not about being a cheapskate, but it is a way of pointing out the price you’re comfortable paying.  You do not need to hesitate from negotiating the price you can afford. Try out these bargaining tips, and save money that you might use for shopping more.