Avail eBay's Mobile App for a Comfortable Online Shopping Experience

eBay, the giant in online retail, has recently expanded its shopping experience by launching an Android and IOS application. Now eBay has a much more diverse and versatile online store compared to the standard desktop version. eBay's primary aim for this application was to make the customers shopping experience easier.

An Authentic Shopping Experience

Sellers can use their store's own branding on the application to make the shopping experience more authentic to the customer. This would go two-ways, the sellers would get a better chance at an equal economic opportunity, and the buyers would become repeat customers based on the incredible experience.

How is it Beneficial?

Shopping on the eBay App

For sellers, this has opened a whole new dimension of retail. With the new brand-authentic inventory display options, sellers can set their banners, use their logo and add more content. This is preferable to the generic eBay styling for all brands. Furthermore, the new app also allows sellers to optimize themselves in new ways. Search engine optimization is now possible for brands using text links in listing titles and on the navigation menu on the left. This allows customers to find their brands easily.

An extended, streamlined experience

Since the app has launched, more than almost half of eBay's total purchases go through it. The customers now enjoy a more extended and streamlined experience with eBay online shopping. Online shopping always had a drawback; the customers wanted to see the people they were buying from and enjoyed a more natural shopping experience. That is precisely what eBay has done through their app. Now, the customers can build a relationship with their buyer based on the knowledge they have through their online services. The new update also allows customers to sort listings based on the most recent inventory and promotions. Buyers reap all the benefits they can from experience with nothing to lose.

What's Different?

Compared to the mobile applications of other big retailers in the market, such as Target, Walmart and Macy's, eBay has offered something a little different. While most of their services are almost the same, they present something new in the in-store experience area. And this has become the reason for their increase in sales as soon as they launched the new application.

A unique 'search in store' option

What eBay does is offer a unique 'search in store' option to customers. This allows buyers to browse items specific to that store rather than looking at all the listings from all different vendors. The new application also allows social sharing and recommends sellers to customers based on their purchases.


In our opinion, the eBay store experience has improved manifolds. A mobile phone experience makes online shopping fun! What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comment box below!